Customer Engagement Solution for blind wine tasting.

About the customer

The client is a technology company that specializes in providing mobility applications and web solutions for the wine industry. Their innovative solutions cater to wine enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses looking to enhance their wine-related experiences. 

Business Need

Wine blind tasting gamification platform development for Winegame Inc. 

Ability to add friends or group of people for multiplayer experience. 

Gameplay functionality to facilitate blind wine tasting challenges. 

Proximity games to enable location-based interactions. 

Customizability to create a vanilla platform that can be tailored and hosted for any restaurant 

The client envisioned developing a unique gamification platform centered around wine blind tasting. The platform aimed to provide an engaging and interactive experience for wine enthusiasts. One of the key features of the platform was the ability to host blind tasting games, allowing users to test their wine knowledge and sensory skills. Users would have the option to add friends or create groups to participate in the games together, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition. 
In addition to the blind tasting gameplay, our customer wanted to incorporate proximity-based games. These games would utilize location data to create wine-related challenges or quizzes based on the user's surroundings. This feature would enable users to explore nearby restaurants, wineries, or wine bars while enhancing their wine tasting experience. 
Our client aimed to create a versatile platform that could be easily customized and tailored for different restaurants. They wanted the platform to serve as a "vanilla flavor," providing a foundation that could be customized with branding, specific wine selections, and tailored game options for each restaurant. This approach would allow restaurants to leverage the platform and offer unique wine tasting experiences to their customers, enhancing their offerings and providing added value. 
By combining the elements of blind tasting, social engagement, and proximity-based games, Winegame Inc. sought to create an innovative and entertaining platform that would appeal to wine enthusiasts, foster a sense of community, and provide a gamified approach to wine exploration and education.
Challenges Faced
Operational Inefficiency 
Data fragmentation and inaccessibility 
Limited Visibility and insights  
Suboptimal customer experience  


A unique solutioning approach to start with.

Mobility application and web solution 

Reporting dashboard 

Data analytics platform 

The mobility application offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform accessible via mobile devices, allowing users to access wine-related information, tasting notes, and personalized recommendations on the go. The web solution complements the mobile app, providing a comprehensive online platform for wine enthusiasts to explore a vast database of wines, learn about different wine regions, and engage with a vibrant community of wine lovers. 
To empower businesses in the wine industry, the application has a reporting dashboard that provides insightful analytics and performance metrics. This dashboard enables wine businesses to track sales, customer preferences, and trends, helping them make data-driven decisions for their operations and marketing strategies. By visualizing key metrics and providing actionable insights, the reporting dashboard assists wine businesses in identifying opportunities for growth, optimizing their product offerings, and improving customer experiences. 
Additionally, the application provides a data analytics platform that harnesses the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. This platform leverages data from various sources, such as customer interactions, sales data, and market trends, to deliver comprehensive analytics and predictive models. By analyzing and interpreting wine-related data, the analytics platform assists businesses in understanding consumer behavior, identifying emerging market trends, and making informed business decisions. It enables wine businesses to gain a competitive edge by leveraging data-driven insights to enhance their product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer experiences. 
Key Feature
Multiplatform Availability
Utilising multi-platform development frameworks or technologies allows developers to create code once and deploy it across other platforms, which is a common practise when creating multiplatform applications. This method results in a consistent user experience across many operating systems and devices while reducing development time and increasing efficiency. 
Wine Scanning
An option to rapidly access details about a specific wine, such as tasting notes, ratings, and pricing, by scanning wine labels or barcodes with the device's camera. 
Tasting notes and ratings
Individual tasting notes and ratings for wines can be created and saved by users. This enables individuals to remember their impressions from their wine tasting experiences, communicate those impressions with others, and preserve a record of them
Social community and sharing
Users can interact with other wine lovers, discuss their tasting adventures, and give and receive advice. This application's social component promotes a community of wine enthusiasts and allows for discussions about various wines and tasting occasions.
Personalized recommendations
Personalised wine recommendations are given by the app based on user preferences, past ratings, and tasting history. Users can use this function to find new wines that suit their tastes. 

End Impact

Successfully hosted 70+ events for the restaurants 

47% operational efficiency of the application  

35% growth in the customer base  

3x better customer experience delivered 

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