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August 25, 2021

iauro Team

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Digital Transformation is passe. We are Digital today. The pandemic ensured that. We are Digital because we have all learned to work remotely from anywhere. Business applications and data are available on our smartphones and tablets and the user experience is as good as it is in the office (network permitting!).

We are Digital today because we have an app for everything. From education to e-commerce to entertainment. Businesses are adding apps by the day. Creating a new Web Application or a new Mobile App is the most visible manifestation of going Digital. Because an app hides all the workflow and operational complexity behind an intuitive and user-friendly pane of glass.

But at the back end, there are bottlenecks still. Traditional application development process following the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach takes time, costs money, and faces talent crunch. There is an ever-increasing gap between the demand for applications and the availability of software developers.

And that is where No Code Development Platforms like WEM come in with the promise of cutting down coding time by 90% and allowing even non-programming people to develop applications.
Customers looking at No Code development platforms are looking not only at intuitive ease-of-use features but with no compromise, whatsoever, in terms of building in complex business logic, security, and integration with other enterprise applications.

And of course, the platform needs to be easy on the wallet too. Another factor is that the learning curve for the platform be short and easy, for even a non-professional programmer to pick up. The idea is that business analysts and business executives, who understand business workflows well, can build their applications by themselves.
WEM scores very high in terms of intuitive usage with simple drag and drop capabilities to build applications, zero coding, and being the most versatile in terms of integration with other applications with support for the widest range of APIs.

In terms of features, functionality, and price, WEM is undoubtedly the world’s pre-eminent No Code Development Platform. This position is underscored not only by IDC but also by strong endorsements from leading System Integrators like IBM, DXC, and Infosys.

In the typical software development life cycle the coding, testing, and staging phases take a lot of time. In case of WEM, applications can be developed incredibly fast because coding, testing, and staging can be done in 1/10th the time as taken by traditional software development. Moreover, making changes and testing them is extremely fast and easy. The changes are made in the WEM Modeler, and they can be immediately previewed.

After Staging and Testing, the deployment can be done with a simple click of a mouse button. Subsequent maintenance is equally easy as it involves making changes on the drag and drop WEM Modeler. We are seeing complex applications being completed in 1 week from start to finish, which otherwise would have taken 10-12 weeks and that means that TCO for application development is typically reduced by a factor of at least 2/3rd.

A No Code Platform like WEM ensures that we can all go Digital and stay Digital.


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