Preventing food allergies across the world for an innovative food tech enterprise

About the customer

The client is an all-natural pet food and nutrition company based in the USA. Their business is driven by the motive of promoting pet health and wellness. They aim to sell nutrient rich pet food and treats that are minimally processed.  

Business Need

Enhance platform capabilities

Create an integrated platform for the customers for orders, payments and shipping 

Create an online catalogue to manage product details altogether 

A customer retention module 

A recommendation engine  

The company faced problems in engaging customers on their e-commerce platform and maintaining their interest in the available products. They lacked key elements such as a
customer retention module, customer loyalty strategies, online coupons, and a recommendation engine. Without these features, the company struggled to foster loyalty, provide personalized offers, and guide customers in their product choices
To address these challenges, they needed to implement a customer retention module to incentivize repeat purchases, introduce an online coupon system for promotional offers, and integrate a recommendation engine to personalize the shopping experience. These solutions would help engage customers, increase loyalty, and create a more tailored and engaging e-commerce platform. 
The goal of working with Team iauro was to raise engagement and customer satisfaction levels overall. 
Challenges Faced
Poor overall customer experience  
Low engagement rates of the customers 
High customer bounce rate  
Low customer loyalty and customer retention 


A unique solutioning approach to start with.

To address the limitations of the existing e-commerce shopping cart built on 3D cart, the iauro team undertook a migration process to transfer it to the Magento platform. This migration aimed to enhance the platform's capabilities and provide a more robust foundation for the company's e-commerce operations.
During the migration, the iauro team also developed custom Magento extensions specifically tailored to the Trudog's needs. These extensions were designed to track customer data, analyze their behavior, and generate insights for better understanding customer preferences. By tracking customer interactions and purchase history, Trudog could gain valuable insights into customer behavior patterns, preferences, and buying habits.
Based on this data, the custom Magento extensions enabled Trudog to implement a recommendation engine. The recommendation engine utilized the past purchase history of customers to suggest relevant products and personalized recommendations. This feature enhanced the overall shopping experience by providing customers with product suggestions that aligned with their preferences, increasing the likelihood of making additional purchases. 
Additionally, Trudog implemented promotional coupons and attractive deals as part of their customer loyalty strategy. These offers were specifically targeted at their most loyal customers, providing incentives for repeat purchases and fostering a sense of appreciation. By leveraging the Magento platform and the custom extensions, Trudog could effectively track customer loyalty and reward their dedicated customers with exclusive deals and discounts.

Overall, the migration to Magento and the development of custom extensions allowed Trudog to enhance their e-commerce platform capabilities significantly. The ability to track customer behavior, analyze data, and make personalized product recommendations based on purchase history empowered Trudog to deliver a tailored shopping experience. Furthermore, the implementation of promotional coupons and attractive deals strengthened customer loyalty and encouraged repeat business, driving overall growth and customer satisfaction for Trudog.

Key Features

Product details managed through an online catalogue 

Trudog efficiently managed their product details through an online catalogue, enabling easy access and organization of product information. By leveraging the online catalogue, Trudog centralized and structured their product data, including descriptions, specifications, images, and pricing. This allowed customers to browse and search for products seamlessly, accessing comprehensive and accurate information. The online catalogue streamlined product updates and ensured consistency across the platform, providing a user-friendly and informative experience for customers and simplifying internal management for Trudog's team.

All integrated online shopping portal with payment gateways, shipping, order tracking and inventory management. 

Trudog implemented an all-integrated online shopping portal that seamlessly incorporated payment gateways, shipping functionality, order tracking, and inventory management. By integrating these essential features into their e-commerce platform, Trudog provided customers with a convenient and efficient online shopping experience. Customers could easily make secure payments, select preferred shipping options, track their orders in real-time, and benefit from reliable inventory management to ensure product availability. This end-to-end integration streamlined the entire purchasing process, ensuring smooth transactions, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced operational efficiency for Trudog. 

Customized promotional offers for loyal customers, that aided customer retention strategies. 

Trudog implemented customized promotional offers as part of their customer retention strategies to reward and retain their loyal customers. By analyzing customer data and identifying their most loyal and valuable customers, Trudog created personalized and targeted promotional offers. These offers were designed to provide exclusive discounts, special deals, or unique benefits to loyal customers, incentivizing them to continue their relationship with Trudog and make repeat purchases. By tailoring promotions specifically for loyal customers, Trudog strengthened customer loyalty, increased customer satisfaction, and fostered long-term relationships, ultimately driving customer retention and fostering brand advocacy. 

Product recommendations for cross selling mapped online 

Trudog implemented a product recommendation system that focused on cross-selling to enhance their online sales strategy. By analyzing customer data and purchase patterns, Trudog identified products that complemented each other or were commonly purchased together. With this information, they developed a product recommendation engine that strategically displayed relevant cross-selling suggestions to customers during their online shopping journey. These recommendations were aimed at increasing the average order value and encouraging customers to explore and purchase additional products that complemented their initial selection. By mapping cross-selling opportunities online and presenting personalized recommendations, Trudog effectively guided customers towards related products, enhancing the overall shopping experience and maximizing sales potential.

Customer level analytics tracked along with a category-based search. Improved backend vendor experience. 

As part of the Magento migration and platform enhancement, Trudog implemented customer-level analytics and a category-based search feature. With customer-level analytics, Trudog gained deeper insights into individual customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history. This allowed them to understand their customers on a more granular level and tailor their offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. The category-based search feature improved the overall user experience by enabling customers to easily navigate and find products within specific categories. This streamlined and efficient search functionality enhanced the customer journey and increased the likelihood of making a purchase. Additionally, Trudog focused on improving the backend vendor experience, making it easier for vendors to manage their products, track inventory, and fulfill orders. These enhancements resulted in improved operational efficiency and a more seamless experience for both customers and vendors on the Trudog e-commerce platform. 

End Impact

42% more customer retention than before 

Engagement rates increased by 2x 

54% more customer conversion rates 

Customer satisfaction increased by 3 times 

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