Revolutionized Ed-tech industry by increasing content consumption by 30% 

About the customer

One of the leading ed-tech organizations in India. They are driven by the goal of providing personalized learning for the smarter generation by assisting every student with a single destination for all their examination and mentorship needs. They aim to make high quality education available to the low strata income children at affordable prices. They have more than 20 years of industry experience in ed tech, with 20+ industry partners and domination in more than 8 major cities in India

Business Need

The inability to reach out and cater to a larger audience may result in missed opportunities for growth and impact. The absence of multi-device compatibility can limit the accessibility of the course content
Based on these problems the business needs of the organizations could be listed as: 

Scalable platform to accommodate increasing number of students and courses over time

Multi-device compatibility to offer flexibility and convenience to learners

A user-friendly and intuitive interface is important to engage and retain learners 

Localizing course content making it available online/ offline for learners

The key area of concern for our client was ensuring increasing the scalability of their platform that can handle a growing user base and increasing volumes of digital course content, seeing the increasing demand for online education. The aim of the organization was to cater to a diverse group of learners, providing localized content to their target audience, facilitating better understanding and engagement.  
To offer flexibility and enhance accessibility there was a pressing need for multi-device support on the platform, allowing learners to access the content from the device of their choice. The client approached us with the need to integrate learning management systems (LMS), content creation tools, localization capabilities, responsive web design, and efficient content delivery mechanisms into their platform along with an efficient Content Management Tool (CMS) for efficient content creation, organization, version control, and content updates across different subjects and standards. 
Challenges Faced
Ensuring that the platform can handle volumes of traffic
Supporting concurrent users, and scale resources seamlessly without compromising performance
Lack of a content management tool
For managing and organizing digital course content for multiple grade levels  
Multi-device support
The organization must optimize the content for different devices and platforms
Integrating the platform with external systems and services
like LMS, CMS, payment gateways and analytics tool
Customer management and optimization
Market positioning, revenue diversification, performance measurement and optimization, and customer retention and satisfaction 


A unique solutioning approach to start with.

We approached the solution leveraging our design thinking principles to take a user-centric approach to address the business needs effectively. This iterative and empathetic approach helps ensure that the platform meets the needs of the users, supports scalable content delivery, and provides an engaging and inclusive learning experience. We identified these key features that need to be included 
To start with we integrated a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows the client to organize, manage, and deliver educational materials online. To create, store and organize the content that is to be included in the course we integrated a Content Management System (CMS). It allows the client for easy content creation, these often have responsive design capabilities, ensuring compatibility with different devices
Leveraging cloud-based infrastructure we enhanced scalability and flexibility for hosting and delivering the digital course content to handle increasing user demands, easily scale resources, and ensure high availability. This can help the organization achieve a scalable backend solution capable of delivering digital course content that is available locally and consumability on multiple devices to align the platform with the user’s convenience

How we personalized the app 

Some of the best practices that we used while developing the features:

To provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface that meets the needs of learners across different age groups, the platform comes with gamification features. We developed the platform to include interactive video lectures and upon completion of each chapter, students can take tests on the app, the result of which will be generated with proper detail of the areas they have performed the best at and where they need to work harder on. Hence, increasing student engagement.  

End Impact

Using our end-to-end product mindset and accountability, we helped create a scalable user platform with better user experience to handle the exponentially increasing user and content base. This ensures a seamless learning experience for the end user, leading to increased user retention
Flexible course durations and adaptable costing plans can lead to increased lead generation, lead conversion and greater customer management. Integrating customer experience can lead to improved learning experience by providing an immersive user experience 

The impact of the solution we helped create is as follows :

Cross platform availability increased content consumption by 42% 

Gamification led to 36% increased user engagement 

Localization of content led to a 48% increase in traffic across regions

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