Success or Survival? — The long wait for the IT industry to finally disrupt itself

April 12, 2018

iauro Team

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Success or Survival? — The long wait for the IT industry to finally disrupt itself

Article written by Anupam Kulkarni, Co-Founder, iauro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The IT Industry is in danger, and the risk of irrelevance is plaguing some of the largest IT monoliths built over the last three decades. The traditional ‘man-hours’ based business model is now obsolete, and today, customers care more about the outcome of the solution rather than how many hours you spent building it. Today’s customers want solutions as of yesterday and on demand. Everyone is in a race to stay relevant, and as the IT industry puts all its artillery in helping their clients disrupt their industry, when will the IT industry disrupt itself?

The adoption of new technologies will have a direct correlation to the business models of IT companies. The impact will be over-arching on all aspects of the business in terms of up-skilling, envisioning and prototyping solutions, and quality governance. Customers are looking at a radical shift towards automation with high quality solutions, moving towards AI led recommendations being delivered. Over time, there will be a lesser reliance on people, which, in itself, provides evidence of the changing business model, and will focus on how these solutions can help customers’ businesses become more agile, multiply revenue, and have the ability to rapidly and continuously change to match the needs to their customers.

The IT Industry today sits in a very unique position. A position of danger and opportunity, and the decisions that a company takes today will form the direction the company takes. Whether you call it survival or success, the conclusion is that the IT industry needs to move out of their comfort zones quickly and start looking in the mirror to build solutions to disrupt their own industry.

‘Great things never came from comfort zones’. Unfortunately over the last decade, the IT industry has been settled in their comfort zone, and overall, nothing great has come out of it. As the IT industry looks to help their global customers help disrupt their industries, the focus needs to be on how the industry makes itself disruption-ready, and this can only be possible if they look at themselves as the client and create radical solutions to help deliver radical solutions.


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