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March 23, 2016

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How many of us today relate the word ‘Apple’ to a fruit? The noun came to be known as a BRAND after it was named for one of the most niche innovations to mankind. A computer designer and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, launched one of the largest industries of past decades while he was still in his early twenties. He remains one of the most inventive and energetic minds in American technology.

With high held aspiration, he earnestly wanted to change the world. He would simply say “I just want to put a dent in the universe” Steve was an aesthetic in his own peculiar ways. It was important for him to create the best product than to sell the most. Regarded as the top negotiator and best spokesman in the world, Steve had this magnetic charisma and an incredible showmanship which he demonstrated at every Apple event.

Also known as the ultimate micro-manager of all times, he was also involved with all the parts of Apple. His strive for perfection has been clearly visible in his products for most of his colleagues descried him as ‘brutally honest’ and never willing to settle for anything than the best. An ex-employee mentions “when Steve was pissed off about something, it git fixed at a pace I’ve never seen then or since in my professional life. I guess some people reacted that fast out of fear, but more directly, you would get used to refusing to accept anything but flawless execution.”

Apart from Steve’s arrogant working style the 3 best qualities of a leader he had were: a clear vision, passion for the company and its people and the ability to inspire trust. His employees trusted in him not because he founded the company but because he showcased his excellence in product design and marketing.

Back when people weren’t comfortable with technology, innovation stood at bay. But it was Steve, whose inclination towards simplicity and the want to create a ‘dent’ in the universe set through. It was the iMac that started an industry and a series of blockbusters like the iPod, iPad, etc.

Regardless of his ill health, it was during that time Apple launched some of its biggest creations such as iTunes and MacBook Air. They broke sales records while changing the way users consumed content and communicated with each other.

History then witnessed the personal computer revolution of all times and today Apple is more than just a normal fruit…!

He died at his California home on October 5, 2011, due to a relapse of his previously treated pancreatic cancer.

Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve as his visions resonate throughout time…

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