Riding on the autoMOBILE: Just how is the Mobile revolution driving the present?

February 22, 2016

iauro Team

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With smartphones reaching a plateau in terms of size, functionalities, sensor and pixel resolution; manufacturers are desperately trying to differentiate themselves best in every little way. People are becoming tech savvy to the extent where they want their phones to be as neat as possible, out of the box and without any add — on. When did you last get excited about a phone? For most, upgrading from a cracked screen to an un-cracked screen. People generally have one phone, but when it comes to things such as wearables, there are a lot many of them, be it smart watches, fitness trackers and even smart clothing.

For instance, Mercedes drive style smartphone apps provide information such as position of the car, door lock status ad even the fuel from a distance. With the pebble app concept, Mercedes drivers can use their smart watches to report the mishaps they come across and receive real time alerts of road threats with a buzz on their wrist. For their first electric car, the i3, BMW developed a smart watch app that let the drivers monitor their car features and control it from a distance. Similarly when Nissan took a plunge into this technology, they not only looked into developing wearable apps such as smart watches and smart glasses but also presented how wearables could be used to increase the pleasure of driving.

Connected cars are not new — with a digital business transformation, we examine how the automotive industrial revolution meets the internet evolution. It is no longer about manufacturing a car, but an entirely new level of fully organized and controlled digital development, supply chain, production, delivery and service. When we observe the mobility of a customer, the look across a variety of platforms and with choices for their conveyance needs. While consumers expect their cars to enhance their driving experience, with the connected driver, brands like Tesla and BMW are on their way to deliver what consumers want and expect: convenience, safety, efficiency, entertainment and information.

Drones too will soon take off. The most exciting technology seen in the past 20 years. Up to now they have made news either when someone flies too close to the airport or as a gimmick in a publicity stunt. The biggest stunt so far was the Amazon drone delivery system seen in July 2014. Although people say that drone deliveries are out of the ordinary, with the never-ending technology changes, this will also happen.

Originally published at iauro.com on February 22, 2016.


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