Waging war against



Waging war against



A global leader & an innovation-led packaging solutions provider that partners with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient healthcare outcomes.

The customer is a multiple manufacturing and R&D manufacturer of innovative pharma packaging solutions spread across Europe, the USA, and ASIA.

The Client has a strong customer base of over 100 customers across the world, they have over 200 patents worldwide.

Business Need

The counterfeit drug market is close to 200 Billion worldwide. The customer wants to make an impact in this field by reducing the hazards of counterfeit drugs by creating an avoidance system that becomes a part of the packaging solutions they provide.

The customer had a patented non-copyable data-matrix code. They wanted to build an end to end technology platform on this code, so as to enable traceability of the drug trials from source to retail store.

Proposed Solutions

Drug counterfeit Avoidance System.


Custom data-matrix code & Package Scanning System


Drug Traceability Report


Advanced product diversion, duplication, and distribution dashboards.


Drug Counterfeit Avoidance System


A state of the art drug counterfeit avoidance system, whose unique packaging enabled the tracking, tracing, and verification of the authenticity of the drug. It proved to be the most critical element in the customer’s vision of creating a safe drug supply chain ecosystem. The traceability reports created transparency across all user personas, the manufacturers, the suppliers, the vendors, and the consumers. Dashboards let the top management make informed decisions on various aspects of the drug curation. It solution also acts as a key trust stakeholder when it comes to tracing the legal repercussions of the drugs.

Technology Used


10+ million code scans.

100+ Factories, 54+ Products
1000+ unique data-matrix codes generated and scanned per second.

Patented data-matrix code transitioned to mobility and hence enhanced security.

160+ drug counterfeit instances detected.