Data Driven Solution to Impact Efficiency and Quality of Telecom Industry

About The Client

Public listed company specialised in optical fiber, hyper scale networks and network solutions.

Business Problem

Company receives 2000+ RFP’s on a daily basis. However, the team was unable to respond to these opportunities due to lack of bandwidth or skills. Moreover, since the company had an expertise in the network/telco vertical, it had already delivered similar work in the past. But they couldn’t exploit the knowledge since there was no central data storage to track inventory of process, technology and implementations.


  • To reduce time to market while helping the teams to respond quickly to the RFPs.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by reusing the existing experience and past knowledge.
  • Client had existing CI/CD implementations but these were not aligned to DevOps and Agile processes. Moreover there were bottlenecks and gaps in DevOps and automation processes.
  • Technology was a combination of legacy and new age tools, containers, clusters, servers and databases. However, these were half-baked implementations that caused time and resource wastages.
  • Lack of digital transformation mindset and agility in the team.


An E2E data-driven platform to directly impact efficiency, quality, reusable technology by enabling DevOps automation for greenfield and brownfield network implementation with continuous delivery and feedback.
The iauro team used the principles of Design Thinking and DevOps to orchestrate the solution. It was also built keeping the Microservices model in mind, and reusable components were built as layers, on top of which further automated solutions could be built.


Process & Methodology

Design Thinking


Agile & SCRUM

Autonomous Teams


Microservices Architecture

FOSS (Free Open Source Software)


Infrastructure as Code

Open Stack

Cloud Infrastructure

People & Culture

Design Thinkers

Solution & Data Architects

Lean Process Experts

Full Stack Engineers


Design System Language (DSL)
Reduce Design & Frontend
Team Communication

RMM-APL Compliance

AurOps- E2E DevOps
Process Automation Engine

Microservices LCNC-
Microservices Architecture
Compliance & Code Generator


iauro Systems

Multiple feature and multiple environment support

iauro Systems

Automatic environment provisioning, accessible via a single click

iauro Systems

Different logs automated and maintained in the service delivery pipeline

iauro Systems

Weekly status report generated for all team members for greater visibility

iauro Systems

Aggregated reports generated for feature tracking

iauro Systems

Modernized tech support for CI/CD


iauro Systems


in efficiency

iauro Systems

Reduced cost
to deliver

iauro Systems

times by 21%