Innovative Ways to Upskill Employees

About The Client

A global wireless networking giant that wanted to break through the telecom industry with their revolutionary and first-of-its-kind – open Radio Access Network.

Business Problem

The customer, in synchronisation with their newly formed vision, wanted to create an upskilling solution to train their employees in new age technologies like 5G, Open RAN, Cloud Native Telecom etc.. Further to their vision, they planned to use the solution to improve their overall efforts internally; and upon the successful beta usage of it, they wanted to roll-out an SaaS solution of the same product.

Through this, the customer planned to build a new age upskilling platform to upgrade existing skills of the employees, and a course recommendation engine, along with an employee training performance tracking platform.


  • LMS solutions are already available in the market; however, all of them aren’t able to provide other advanced/diversified options, apart from managing courses.
  • Upskilling Mapping is still a manual process and needs to be driven by data for the best results.
  • Constant and Agile requirement evolution, based on ideation.


Associates in an organization are evaluated on parameters like – experience, skills, certifications, etc. Based on these and the specific role that an employee has in the organisation, we could create a Normalized Associate Index for each employee in the organization.

Based on his current role and associate index, the system recommends best possible role paths to an employee . He/she can take up the necessary courses and certifications needed to be eligible for a desired role in the suggested role path.

With the E2E upskilling solution that had LMS, MOOC platforms integration along with the Role Path and upskilling path prediction in place, the customer started to generate a lasting business outcome.

Process & Methodology

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • DevSecOps
  • Product Mindset


  • Microservices
  • API Architecture
  • FOSS
  • MEAN
  • Containerization
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • CI/CD

People & Culture

  • Solution architect
  • Full Stack Engineers
  • QA Engineer 
  • Collaboration


We took ownership of the end-to-end platform right from design-thinking to full-delivery of the platform, which helped the customer to focus better on their core domain and operations.


iauro Systems

Standardization of skills set across the organization

iauro Systems

Employee upskilling path with new age skill to become more productive

iauro Systems

Significantly saved on operation costs by reducing a number of redundant resources on projects

iauro Systems

Creation of a resource pool for tech acceptability/readiness in the future

Further to this, the solution impacted the business at 2 levels – HR & Project Management. For the HR teams, they now have a data-driven associate role, along with indexes that aid appraisal systems. Secondly, the Project management teams can now take informed decisions to allocate the right associates to the project based upon gamification and rankings on the leaderboard.