A Leading Automobile Multinational Company based out of the APAC region.
Leads the world’s there wheelers and two wheeler automobile segments

Problem Statement

The Client had a legacy SAP HRMS that their entire talent hub was using.
The advent of the pandemic urged quick changes  to the leave management system and other HR functions.

The legacy application came with its own constraints like

Lack of
mobile interface

Lack of Customisable
Rule Engine
Delayed Time to

Solution Offered

After our initial design thinking session with the users of proposed HRMS we concurred that adhering to the  strengths of a no-code platorms will help the client to overcome all their legacy application constraints and also significantly reduce their time to market with new and added features.

No Code Platform WEM was used to deliver

  • Resposive web and mobile solution with custome interactive UI
  • Workflows that included custom rule engines for Leave Management
  • Dashborads for Organisations, Managers and Associates
  • Integration with the existing SAP HRMS

Impact of the POC

The impact of the POC was quite evident

An Intuitive solution for Mobile and WEB was delivered in 4 Days


The rule-based leave management platform was digitally transformed without any dependencies on the development team


Successful POC paved the way for an enhanced level HRMS experience


Platform Used