“The largest privately-owned language services provider, with offices in over 100 cities worldwide. The company serves clients in many fields, such as film, gaming, legal and healthcare fields.

They cater to Fortune 500 for their local language outreach activities.

Problem Statement

The customer had an existing product that translated content from the native or original language to that in a targeted language.

Their Platform needed to integrate with different CMS (Content Management Systems) used by their clients to fetch the content, translate it and finally send it back to the CMS.

Catering to different CMS both privately held and those hosted in the cloud along with different versions of them made development a challenge.

The platform dealt with huge amounts of data that required custom translation

A Middleware Solution that connected Internal Platform to their Customer’s CMS

  • The product was built using Microservices Hybrid Architecture (Both orchestration and choreography)
  • Custom connectors were built for various types and versions of the CMS.
  • These connectors automatically fetched the content from the CMS and supplied it to the product to process the translation and vice-versa.
  • Dashboards were created to provide visibility to the custom queue that was created for the customers to keep track of the progress of the transcribed activities


Over the 5 years that iauro worked with the customer they have built over 25+ connectors for the customer’s Fortune 500 clientele. This led to the translation and deployment of over 100M words by the platform. Iauro specializes in cloud-native, open-source product development that is favoured by enterprises.

The successful deployment of the solution based on Microservices architecture enabled the customer to easily maintain, scale and adapt faster change requests within their platform.

Impact of the POC

The impact of the POC was quite evident

3x Improvement Speed- Content Translation Automation(Content Fetching and Content Delivery)

Transparency to their customer – Based on the status of the translation activity

Customer’s client acquisition rate increased by 20%