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Create new age, intuitive deployment environments

In the age of digital transformation, monolith architectures simply do not make the right fit anymore. Microservices enabled solutions that offer a plug and play approach to enterprise grade solutions are required. Bring in low-code-no-code environments, and what you have is a well integrated, streamlined, all inclusive solution to build highly effective platforms.

The iauro MS LCNC platform allows developers to select app features, drag and drop them where needed, arrange them according to business needs and done! Creating applications becomes simpler than online shopping!

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Developers struggle with pre-existing codes since they are standardized and there is no room for innovation. Customization becomes a problem, especially when laying this code out and rearranging it according to specific developer needs.

The MS LCNC platform enables those without complete programming knowledge to build apps seamlessly, for it eradicates the need to write code from scratch. Step into the new age with this platform, and scale up effectively!


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Multilevel code reusability

micro service LCNC - Iauro

Massively reduce the time-to-market for microservice

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Build and Deploy microservice in days, not weeks

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Custom Microservices generated easily

A day in the life of a MS LCNC Architects

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9.00 am

Architects understand specific business requirements and technicalities

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2.00 pm

The APIs and DB Model designs are kept ready for deployment

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2.25 pm

The MS LCNC platform generates a microservices enabled code and deploys it automatically

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2.30 pm

The platform provides code quality and security reports along with a microservice swagger API URL

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2.45 pm

A verification test is run on the generated reports, and the microservices based API URL is shared with the front end team for integration

Result : Turnaround time reduced from one week to one hour!