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Microfrontend Architecture

Time and tide wait for none, and least of all for digital solutions, in a fast changing world. Creating an entire team from scratch might be difficult and time consuming, but creating efficient solutions is not, with our Micro Frontend platform

We believe in the divide and conquer approach. Even for the biggest tasks at hand, they are segregated and divided automatically, as per their KRAs and outcomes, to make the developer’s life simpler. Monolithic frontend development pieces, are thus transformed to micro pieces supported by robust tech integrations. We bring to you the future of app development that is streamlined, productive and highly efficient!

Similar to Microservices, Micro-frontend also tries to break up monolithic architecture to micro pieces. This is done for the frontend, which is divided into pieces to be individually developed and deployed. This helps the developer to keep updating the individual components of the app, regardless of other components

Features of Microfrontend Services

Microservices frontend architecture - Iauro
Smaller, manageable pieces
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Independent deployment
App development services in pune - Iauro
Autonomous teams