Learning from the best: iauro at Gitex Tech Week!

November 4, 2019

iauro Team

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Learning from the best: iauro at Gitex Tech Week!

I believe that learning is continuous, and even if we don’t sit in classrooms everyday, the process of learning never really stops. As industry experts, it is important that we focus on learning and upskilling as much as we focus on building the business, for only if we are at par with the rest of the industry will be able to grow.

With tech, especially, staying a step ahead is necessary, as new innovations make their way into the market. And what better opportunity to learn about tech, than one of the grandest global tech events of the year. The GITEX Tech Week kicked off in Dubai this month, and boy were we glad that we were there! It’s always refreshing to meet like minded individuals who are as passionate about the ever evolving tech world as we are. Rather, it’s inspirational.

We’re all well aware that Dubai’s way of tech adoption is far more advanced than the rest of the developing world, and the way it was showcased was quite impressive. Our industry focuses a lot on the end customer experience we are able to build for our users, and I have to say that I think the GITEX team created absolutely marvellous ones for all of us present there! Showcasing tech in a way that creates a wow factor for the consumer may sound easy, but is hard to achieve. Not impossible, though. Imagine a seamless integration of data analytics, AI/ML and IoT, at every use case presented. That’s worth remembering.

There was tremendous learning in every use case that we discussed, and here is what made a cut above the rest for me:

  • PWD: Since 2010,, the Dubai Public Works Department has aspired to make the city paper-less, with the help of advanced technologies. This includes maintaining digitized records of processes and consumers, including their social security number, certificates, citizen identity, etc. As of now, more than 90% of their government departments have started doing their paperwork on computers, and by 2021, this percentage should touch the big 100, and that too in just a decade’s time!
  • Security: Excellent showcase of malicious activity detectors on borders, anti-drone technology to nullify drones, etc. The citizens of Dubai really are in good hands!
  • Airports: Can you imagine taking a flight without struggling through check ins, security checks and immigration? Sounds like a breeze, right? The Dubai government also presented a use case of a paperless passport where citizens can pass through the airport without any documents, with the help of an online paperless passport. Built on a strong integration of consumer databases with IoT and predictive analytics, every citizen walking through the airport doors will be detected automatically, and can walk through without any documents.
  • Travel and Logistics: Who said long journeys have to be boring. In Dubai, we have entertainment on the go. Taxis whose walls have fitted screens will soon be on the roads, and this is a boon for marketers as well, for these screens can showcase geo-sensed video advertisements. Talk about hitting the nail right on the head! And delivery boys showing up at your door is just old school now. Unmanned automated drones to deliver parcels and life-critical things like medicines / food / perishable items are readily available.
  • Healthcare: For one, the unmanned drones can, in absolute need, deliver human organs to hospitals as well. And that’s not all. Dubai has made excellent use of virtual reality and AI to create artificial personas that can stay in touch with citizens at all times, almost like real government officials who check up on them and make them aware about government processes. In some cases, these personas have also been able to establish personal connections with citizens and helped them deal with mental health issues, including depression. This is tremendous.
  • Retail: Shopping will never be the same once you experience interactive projection walls, for there’s no need to visualise how the things you buy will look inside your house, you can literally see it right in front of your eyes! Intelligent SKU detectors backed by ML and predictive analytics are also a blessing for retailers, as they can track consumer behaviour in real time and give them recommendations based on their purchase behaviour.

Like I said before, being present at events like these acts as our biggest inspiration to do better. It was a fantastic opportunity to network, learn and excel. Kudos to the entire GITEX team for making it a huge success!

-Anupam Kulkarni is the CEO and Co-Founder of iauro Systems, Pune


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