Simplifying design to code

Elevate your digital experiences using IO Craft, simplifying the process of transforming Figma pages into application UI seamlessly.

Why IO Craft

Atomic Design

Embrace principles of atomic design, enabling designers to assemble reusable components systematically to build better platforms.

Accessibility and Reusability

Focus on accessibility standards, ensuring that your platforms are designed with inclusivity in mind, while also promoting reusability across projects.

Time-Saving and Efficient

Reduce the time to convert designs into functional UI.

Empower Your Team

Empower your designers to focus on creating stunning designs in Figma while enabling developers to quickly bring them to life using JSON data.

Multi team enablement

Foster collaboration and alignment among designers, developers, and stakeholders, ensuring a unified approach to design and development.

IO Craft -  Key Features

Reusable UI elements

Library of reusable UI elements, enabling designers to maintain consistency across different projects and platforms, resulting in a cohesive and polished user experience.

Web component storybook

IO Craft integrates with Web Components storybook, facilitating rapid prototyping, and development, saving valuable time for frontend teams.

Automated Theme Extraction

IO Craft automatically detects and organizes the colors and typography elements used in your Figma design into a structured JSON format. No more manual searching or tedious extraction. 

Widget Generation in JSON

Building on the extracted theme, IO Craft takes it a step further by generating widgets for your application. These widgets makes it easy to integrate with your front-end development process.

Pixel-Perfect Consistency

IO Craft seamlessly integrates with our GESSA Page renderer, ensuring that the application UI matches your Figma design down to the last pixel.
IO Craft Impact
Customer experience platform for India's leading B2B Solar integrator
iauro simplified the client's complex workflows, minimizing lead time and enabling efficient lead mining. We developed a customer-facing application that seamlessly integrates with existing processes, our design system language helped achieve design consistency and faster time to market.
multiplied customer experience
faster time to market
Performance monitoring solution for leading healthcare solutions provider
In partnership with a leading healthcare provider, iauro developed an end-to-end patient and staff performance management solution, revolutionizing the way classified knowledge is maintained. By leveraging a rapid prototype approach and a DSL, we transformed their product idea into a robust digital experience, achieving faster build time.
Improved in customer acquisition
modules delivered
Unlock major business outcomes
Faster Time-to-Market
Enable faster build time with fewer resources, allowing you to accelerate their time-to-market and quickly launch digital experiences that meet user needs and stay ahead of the competition.
Improved Collaboration
Foster collaboration and alignment between design and development teams. This leads to smoother operations, faster iterations, and ultimately, better products.
Increased Efficiency
IO Craft allows design teams to work more efficiently, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel for each new product and reducing development time.
Consistent Branding
Maintain consistent branding across platforms, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable visual identity that resonates with users.

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