Here’s your 1st dose of Wit and Humour from our very own I and O! Such Baseless Allegations on our topmost consultant O!

O thinks it’s time to upgrade and containerize! What do you think?

Delivering a world-class custom CI/CD process often leads our consultant’O” to attend Therapy.

Agile Development is something our Consultants ‘I’ and ‘O’ always strive to be good at.

Only a true consultant knows what security actually means. Is your DevOps Secure?

Your Time to Market often is a key deciding factor to your Time In Market. Our Consultants are ever ready to help with lightning-fast deliveries. 

I’s constant change request is certainly making O grim!
Isn’t ‘o’ incredible? He’s on his way towards the cloud-native at breakneck speed.
Security implementation cannot be taken lightly. Consultant O seems well prepared.
“I” passing some good morning vibes. But O’s thoughts are still in a lag. Is your mood buffering in the mornings as well?
Cloud Native is something that “O” is really enthusiastic about.


Issues regarding project timelines are simply not solved by taking ownership. You sometimes have to add resources or even think of reducing features. What say consultant ‘O’?
I & O experienced some moderately funny things.
Hybrid Cloud is what consultants “I” and “O” need to move between the two environments.
Technical Consultants I & O think about how to resolve Bug Bounty issues.
Ehsaas is a terminology in Hindi that can be mapped to customer experience. Consultants often Speak in Tech Jargons, A customer once told our Consultants I and O that SaaS PaaS and IaaS sounded alien to him.
Consultants ‘I’ and ‘O’ talk about the project budget.
I & O was amused by the fact that Zeus, the ancient Greek God, was an early cloud adopter.
Consultants I & O are trying to figure out the bug removal issue.
Cloudy weather never felt so good before
When our consultants I and O say TIME PaaS, it’s not time wasted but saved. One of the best advantages of PaaS is that it increases the speed of development and deployment with improved time to market, what else do we need in this world, right?
When you get cookies, you get the best experience…we mean the best browsing experience and experience means fun. Our consultant ‘O’ is in serious need of some fun.
Cloud economics today is big. It can be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a transformation Initiative. I seem to monitor the clouds closely while O highlights the simplicity of the concept.
Companies that are constantly releasing new features are in a run to stay ahead of the competition at the same time looking at delivering exceptional customer experience. In case you are slow in feature development and its time to market then it is a high time you need digital transformation to take it up a notch.
Application modernization enables capability building and faster time to market for organizations. Delay in modernization leads to inability in scaling critical services when required, making it difficult for businesses to keep up with changing business landscape