Leading the way in modernizing legacy and enabling scalable Logistic and Aerospace solutions

Logistic and Aerospace

Leading the way in modernizing legacy and enabling scalable logistic solutions

Iauro’s Domain Expertise

Delivered complex solutions that cut across: Experience, Engineering and Data

Helped Logistics and Aerospace clients to streamline efficiency and ops with tech.

Helped modernize legacy systems and enable scalable solutions.

iauro's Right To Win
Understand technology gaps across: processes, operations.
Use of Data expertise and IoT to match capabilities with changing logistics market needs.
Hand hold logistics and aerospace clients as tech arm to deliver business and technology driven outcomes.
Expertise in Design thinking, UI/UX to transform concepts to completion.

Problems we Solve


Simplify fleet, warehouse & supply chain management using IoT, edge & data analytics.


Create intelligent dashboards to make data driven decisions then boost remote monitoring and visibility.


Build route and ATC (Air Traffic Control) optimization solutions to maximize efficiency and safety standards.


Build solutions that deliver great experience and ease off complex traceability complex.
Our Logistics and Aerospace Clients

Our work for logistics and supplychain

Developed drug counterfeit avoidance system capable of scanning 1K+ unique data matrix code per second.
Enabled drug traceability reports with advanced product duplication and distribution dasboards.
200+ drug counterfeit instances detected.
Built an unified architecture platform for air transport association, Modernized multiple legacy applications.
Implemented zero trust security to ensure authorization amongst all tiers of the stack.
42% cost optimization with reusable components
Delivered a fleet management solution with asset tracking & road-side assistance.
Digitized HOS (Hours of services) tracking for drivers.
Solution integrated with ELD to track driver efficiency.

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