Building ecosystems and transforming Healthcare with sound product engineering standards


Building ecosystems and transforming healthcare with sound product engineering standards

Iauro’s Domain Expertise

Disrupted and innovated healthcare space for multiple clients.

Enabled remote healthcare delivery through technology innovation.

Improved patient and staff outcomes through disruptive solutions.

iauro's Right To Win
Define how smart technology could allow healthcare to adapt and meet new customers.
Effectively manage medical data to reduce time spent on adminitrative tasks.
Optimize outcomes for healthcare: reduce manual efforts and operation costs.
Deliver exceptional CX for: patients, physicians and healthcare professionals.

Problems we Solve


Custome EHR and HIE solutions to introduce automated medical workflows and patient information exchange.

Remote access

Adopt RPM (Remote Patient Management) without robust data privacy and security measures.


Map historic patient data to predict future anamolies and recommend remedies.


Build fast and easy customer experience journeys for end users.
Our Healthcare Clients

Our work for Healthcare

Delievered an IoT & Edge based electronic health management solution.
Set a new standard in the healthcare industry towards zero harm.
Helped to change the way we track food allergies.
Helped increase platform adoption by 75%.
Developed solution for Hyperlocal patient identification & tracking during Pandemics.
Delivered an NLP based system to provide insights on healthcare market trends.
Created a lightweight IoT based Remote patient monitoring solution.
Removed global barriers to deliver breast cancer detection & care.

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