Creating personalised Education platforms and products for better learning experiences


Creating personalised E-Learning platforms and products for better learning experiences

Iauro’s Domain Expertise

Helped map application outcome to students achievements.

Early contributors in dirupting traditional education system.

Transformed 10000+ employee careers via enterprise upskilling platforms.

iauro's Right To Win
Understanding the singularity model to create imapctful cognitive experiences.
Zero trust approach for institution specific mission requirements.
Respond to evolving requirements and rising students experiments.
Adopt gamification to increase learner experience & outcomes.

Problems we Solve


Monitor performance and personalize learning with data visualization algorithms.

VR/AR enablement

Deliver a 360 degree immersive and interactive experience.


Enhance performance management and increase engagement.
Our Education Clients

Our work for Education

Enabled customized learning with an intelligent recommendation engine.
Personalized career flight status.
Increased adoption of bit sized learning by 30%
Gamification to improve learning experience with immersive User experience.
Cross platform availibility to increase 42% content consumption.
SCORM based content management to enable plug & play integration across platforms.
Enhanced learning experience with adaptive learning based on student behaviour.
Digitized manual process like student tests and performance analysis.
Practice based assessment with real time feedback.
Created SKU/competency framework for course recommendations and project allotment.
Enabled to Integrate with other platforms, analyze outcome via dashboards.

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