Empowering Global Banking and Finance Institutions with Cutting-Edge Digital Banking Solutions

Banking and Finance

Empowering Global Financial Institutions with Cutting-Edge Digital Banking Solutions

Iauro’s Domain Expertise

Opened multiple revenue streams for BFSI, boosted cross-selling by 45%

Helped BFSI clients to innovate ahead of time.

Streamlined BFSI operations for improved efficiency and reduce cost.

Created knowledge hubs for BFSI to scale their topline by 5X.

iauro's Right To Win
Enable BFSI to make better financial decisions by harnessing data engineering and data science.
Utilize scalable cloud architecture and secure transaction technologies that support global security standards.
Optimize business outcomes: Sales enablement, process effieciency and upskilling.
Zero trust approach for BFSI to uphold security and authentication principles.
Unified architecture approach to build platforms that can integrate and scale further.

Problems we Solve


 Modernize core banking & security systems with cloud native and open source technologies


Use blockchain and smart contracts to build decentralized applications that are secure.


Use AI/ML to enable real time fraud detection, risk analysis,and compliance regulation


CRM solutions to manage and analyze user interactions with data to improve experience and retention.
Our BFSI Clients

Our work for BFSI

Disrupted the industry with an early financial management solution with smart modules.
Created a Knowledge Hub for a complex area like cybersecurity insurance.
Data driven decision making to boost sales initiatives.
Digitized compliance and operations workflows to optimize processes.
Contributed to sales enablement and decreased closure time by 45%.

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