Imprinting Heads and Hearts with Design Thinking for a Successful Business

November 2, 2020

Anupam Kulkarni

Co-Founder | CEO LinkedIn

In the labyrinth of scores of companies, ensuring that your swirls of creative ideas, stand apart from competitors can be daunting. This is exactly where Design Thinking jumps into the picture as a rooted strategy to mark the cornerstone of growth. Design thinking approach is stemmed to the idea to integrate the needs of the target audience along with the technological possibilities to mark a pin of success. Thus, the design-driven culture bombards your audience with the fact that they come
first and have a bag of benefits in their advantage. Embracing the journey of design thinking gives your company a competitive advantage than the rest of the players in the market.


What is the basic idea behind the design thinking approach?

Design thinking was coined in the first place to ensure that a creative idea is upheld to ensure the
unmet demands of the target audience are met, rationally. The process involves studying the
fundamental of business goals, the ethnographic background of the clients, changing behavior,
wants and needs, habits and logical thinking. The entire process revolves around the fact to make
interactions fruitful to address the dire needs of the customers with a bunch of human-centred
design thinking ideas. Once you start looking through the customer lens that is exactly when the
intangible issues can be broken down into simple ones for analyzation. The basis of the design
thinking approach is all about exploring the possibilities to draw logical and systematic reasoning to
comprehend solution-focused ideas.

iauro system

Design thinking approach to chalk a path towards successful weaved connections

The fruits of the creative design thinking approach are always sweet with a promising strong base of audience. The potential impact of rational techniques, identification of problems, resolving the problems, enhanced interaction are the building blocks of achieving success and profits. At iauro, we believe in crafting the best design for shaping a stronger enterprise, your enterprise. We ensure this by tailoring the strategy to fit the convenience of the audience and engaging in one to one conversation to boost the business growth.

Packed benefits of the design thinking process

  • Identifying the ambiguous factors of the complex problems
  • Comprehends empathy
  • Creates value in addition to creativity and innovation
  • Uncertainty of success is negligible with innovative-packed ideas
  • Lower risks and tailored budget-friendly ideas

There is a myriad range of benefits when it comes to using a design thinking approach for your business:

1.Identifying the ambiguous factors of the complex problems: There are plenty of peripheral factors which make up a complex problem and it is necessary to address them with a unique solution. This is called “out of the box” thinking, which is about digging deeper uncovering raw ideas.

2.Comprehends empathy: The design thinking process is all about emphasizing with the complex problems to come up with an ideal framework of strategies.

3.Creates value in addition to creativity and innovation: Strategies can be creative, however, it does not necessarily mean that it adds value to the company. Thus, the design principles of the particular industry need to be studied well to ensure that the ideas ensure shooting

4.Uncertainty of success is negligible with innovative-packed ideas: The ideal route towards the castle of success comes with crossing the hurdles to cater to improved solutions. When there is a wide scope of creativity holding the flag of uniqueness then the probability of failing is negligible.

5.Lower risks and tailored budget-friendly ideas: The fundamental tension in the minds of scores of companies is that their low budget doesn’t allow them to get their hands-on design thinking. However, iauro stands apart from the rest of the competitors, while catering tailored creative ideas, which suits your wallet.

What is the framework of the innovative process of design thinking?


Framing and incubating

Illuminating creative bags of ideas

Evaluating and refining the innovative strategy

Rapid test


The art of iterating

Discovering: The outlined process commences with outlining an end goal and tracing a path to achieve the milestone. The problems need to be identified to ensure that the right embedded opportunities are tapped.

Framing and incubating: The key to address the right solution is by picking the ideal complex problem. You need to ensure, which issue is worth putting your resources, pressed time, and efforts. The professional squad consists of several individuals, every person needs to come up with their own creative blend before a group discussion can take place.

Illuminating creative bags of ideas: Once the deeper insights have been outlined with the group discussion, they need to be narrowed down. This process involves generating a set of strategies,
which will add value to the customers.

Evaluating and refining the innovative strategy: The dripping zeal and zest of the team result in some of the best ideas, now these ideas need to be put together to understand if it caters the
“awesome” factor. This process involves selecting merely two-three ideas to jump onto the next step.

Rapid test: Once the raw sketch of the ideas has been pinned, they need to be tested. This involves inviting scores of users to respond to the prototype crafted after their draining energy. They need to be asked about their feedback, and ideas loitering in the minds. The significance of this prototype test is that it will let you know if you should move ahead with the process, investing resources.

Delivering: The testing is a solid stepping stone, which will either turn out to be wobbly or super-gripped. Once your ideas pass the rapid test, they are ready to be delivered in the marketplace, where the chances of climbing up the success graph are higher.

The art of iterating: The process of design thinking is an iterative process to improve on the next set of ideas. This process is useful to tailor as per the changing needs of the market.

The significance of hiring design thinking approach firms

The idea behind hiring a firm catering the service of design thinking is very simple. It takes years for the professional squad to understand the functioning of the design thinking approach. The journey of design thinking is a long one and needs navigation at every step, herein the professional firms will ensure that the building blocks of your company are firm. The credible companies vouch to come with a terrific result to tackle the complex problems. The novel solutions will help you to mark business models with promising results. If you are looking for “out of the bag” ideas for your company to mark a green flag of success then resort to iauro for the best design thinking strategies. The professional squad at the company manages the changing design functions with fluctuating needs.

In no small measure, we all can agree that the line between services and customer experience is blurring. However, if companies adopt the process of design thinking then knitting future opportunities will help to outline serious traction. Furthermore, the design thinking process is not a trend, which will wipe out in years to come rather it will only get better. If you are looking for ideal design thinking ideas then iauro is merely one tap away. At the end of the day, every business is different and thus, needs a unique set of approaches to climb up the ladder of success, placed against the right wall.


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