Removed Global barriers to deliver breast cancer treatment and care 

About the customer

A fast-growing multinational healthcare/ med-tech company. Committed to early detection of breast cancer in women. Sprawling across 12 countries, they cater to more than 250,000 women. Recipient of Grants worth $6 million, international trophies, equity capital etc. Acclaimed by publications like New York Times, BBC World, Forbes etc. They aim to create a global impact by revolutionizing the medical field through groundbreaking ideas on the examination and treatment of breast cancer.  

Business Need

Efficient patient data management and ease of accessibility 

Leveraging sensors to enhance the healthcare management platform 

Mobile connectivity for users and analysis of their clinical data.

The client approached us with the need for a unified platform that digitizes the patient, doctor and clinical data. They needed a robust platform that could effectively handle patient data, ensuring its accurate storage, organization and accessibility while enhancing data privacy and security. Enabled to facilitate seamless communication between patients and doctors, allowing doctors to deliver recommendations, treatment plans, and medical advice to patients accordingly. Further there was a need for the analysis of the patient data, to track and record their test results, medical imaging, lab reports etc.
What this brought to the forefront is the inherent and underlying need for mobile connectivity of its users, to access the data that is fed, tracked and recorded that can then accessed on-the-go along with other features and functionalities offered across mobile devices. 
The firm had also patented sensor technology, with the intention to be integrated into the platform that is built subsequently. The need for a dashboard to monitor patient vitals, track health parameters, or enable patient monitoring to forge a data-driven healthcare solution. There was a need to create user-centric, secure, and scalable software solutions, for supply chain management, Forecasting and analytics.  
Challenges Faced
Increased risk of breast cancer
1 out of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer 
Data management and privacy
Leading to delays and inefficiencies
Manual testing and feedback
32% decrease in customer management 
Inefficient resource utilization
Leading to delays and inefficiencies.
Lack of customer facing application
Negatively impacted customer experience
Manual maintenance and performance tracking
Affecting revenue generation opportunities form existing customer base
Limited demographic coverage
Limiting the scope of expansion in newer areas
Disparate communication between patient and doctor
Connectivity gaps hinder real-time data flow


A unique solutioning approach to start with.

A robust, customer facing platform integrated with sensor technology to detect abnormalities in the breast tissues

Integration with EHRs (electronic health records) to ensure interoperability for seamless exchange of data

Integrating sensor data to enable remote patient monitoring

Ensuring real-time visibility and standardization of data for transparency amongst patients, doctors, clinics, NGOs and other stakeholders

By embracing the principles of design thinking, we delved into the core of the client's problem statement, immersing ourselves in a comprehensive understanding of their users. Our experts facilitated a series of workshops that centered around design thinking principles, enabling us to tackle the precise pain points outlined by the organization. Our objective was to define the platform's scope, objectives, and compile a comprehensive list of essential features.

Our solution caters to multiple stakeholders, and based on our user research these are the key actors that we identified, along with the impact of the solution that we devised

We identified the primary focus areas, including integrating the patented sensor technology for accurate breast cancer detection. The resulting Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was tested with a strong emphasis on the end-user experience

The prototypes that were created incorporated high/low fidelity wireframes to assess each interaction between the user and the platform that is to be offered as a solution, prioritizing the easy access of all the data that is being fed by the users into the system

Keeping in mind the user personas and their use cases we built a dashboard that eases the life of medical professionals using data synchronization, making sure that the data being fed by the user is synchronized, analyzed and optimized to ensure seamless interaction between its users and the platform to access and utilize real-time information wherever they are

 The dashboards that we’ve built are integrated with a unique sensor technology patented by the clients that detect and provides real-time information of the patients being diagnosed, these coordinated with EHR (Electronic health record) systems, to include their medical history, diagnoses, treatments, medications, and laboratory results. These sensors also give compliance monitoring to the healthcare admins to handle the data with care. 

As a predictive measure we also provide one click report generation, based on prior data and future anomalies of breast cancer diagnosis so that they can be prevented

The crucial part was managing, storing, analyzing and retrieving a said user’s data while ensuring security and privacy.  

Some of the best practices that we used to build our platform include


Incorporated into our dashboards to ensure security across all stages of designing the solution—from development to deployment. This involved threat modeling, automated security testing, and penetration testing in CI/CD pipelines, secure infrastructure configuration management, and multi-factor authentication

Micro Frontends

We certified boosting modularity, scalability and flexibility by deploying micro frontends to deliver a more responsive, customizable, and scalable experience while also maintaining a cohesive experience


Microservices provide specialized functionalities such as managing patient records, scheduling appointments, and facilitating telemedicine, resulting in a customized and seamless customer experience. They also promote rapid development and deployment, empowering healthcare providers to adapt to evolving requirements and deliver efficient, high-quality care to their patients. 

The solution that was created as a result included these key features

Ease of Accessibility:  Making data available for hospitals, NGO, patients and doctors round the clock
Breast Cancer detection and Ticket Generation: The application provides users with real-time updates on the status of their cancer tests, including test timelines and results. Additionally, customers can easily raise support tickets through the app, facilitating swift and efficient issue resolution. 
Medical Consultation: The application allows customers to track their reports and reach out to doctors for medical consultation and medication. Maintains a complete patient profile with scanned data and medical history. Helps generate a one-point patient data system for doctors
Report Tracking: Helps the user monitor and track the status of the tests they have undertaken, and reports and clinical data related to the same. Detailed customer information, tailored to medical requirements, is also available, enabling effective monitoring and management for doctors, patients and admins. 
A detailed documentation section that verifies and validates uploaded customer documents through OCR is implemented to fasten the verification process

Technology stack

The technologies that we used along with our practice to enable this platform are

Amazon Web Services  
Rest API 
Yii framework 

End Impact

The platform had a significant impact on the client's business, by reducing their operation cost, helping them scale up and in turn driving growth. With mobile-sensor integration we eased up data tracking and data synchronization. The current solution helps the client track device usage and customer. Leveraging IoT we also ensured mobile availability of all the data and seamless communication between all the actors involved.  
We provided device level analytics through sensor inventory tracking and maintenance, revolutionizing the medical world by ensuring cost-effective breast control treatment with ease
The impact of the solution we helped create is as follows :

IBE has performed 30000+ scans

Helped save 30+ lives in India

Reduced operations cost by 44% 

Increased scalability to cater to wider audience by 23%

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