HR Technology and the Company Culture – a Unison that Guarantees Increased Efficiency & Productivity

November 11, 2020

Anupam Kulkarni

Co-Founder | CEO LinkedIn

When it comes to either – choosing a new trajectory or improving an existing one – of how business is conducted within an organization, the overall culture of it has always played a massive role.

In the case of every current organizational structure today, the most common reason for integrating new ideas, ways, thoughts, processes, etc. is to improve the overall performance of its employees and the company in the best way possible.

And what is the most common catalyst for this change? That’s right – technology.

Over the years, improved technological advancements have allowed several organizations across the world to drastically improve their overall impact.

In an ideal world, the shift towards integrating newer forms of technology to improve processes should be a smooth journey, simply because it is always strategically undertaken for the benefit of the organization and everyone connected with it.

However, such is not always the case. And, this is the reason why several organizations might fail in their approaches of integrating technology within their everyday processes.

This is especially true when it comes to HR and technology in HR.

Depending on several factors, there arise several reasons as to how & why an organization should approach a technological transformation of any scale.

As HR is one of the most pivotal departments/processes within any organization, and the success of it directly impacts the overall output and performance of an organization, thorough attention and understanding of the culture within the particular organization is of vital importance.

Keeping this in mind, let’s see some ways in which HR departments can employ technology to improve the culture of a company i.e. the attitude and mindsets of its workforce, so the organization can continue to operate smoothly, no matter the scenario –

Improved collaboration/connectivity with the workforce

With the pandemic still looming around the globe, personal connections and daily informal chats have all but died out. The most important thing to remember as an HR team is to stop thinking just like a function / company and step into the employees’ shoes.

The application of Design Thinking in HR functions can dramatically help solve such issues. HR departments should become “Employee Advocates” and should use technological solutions to continue to effectively communicate with the whole workforce to maintain overall positivity within the organization.

Stronger focus on improving the overall ‘acceptance and readiness’ to learn and grow

When something as big as a technological reform takes place within an organization, both HR departments and employees must be in a position to be able to accept the newly adopted changes.

Only if they can wholly accept the ideas, logic, and benefits of the newly undertaken reforms, will they be able to (almost-automatically) align themselves with the course of the ship.

Better recruitment process to promote overall dynamism and flexibility

One of the biggest challenges while hiring the candidate is that they should fit within the company culture. In the current pandemic situation, this becomes even far more important.

Furthermore, if there already is an atmosphere of dynamism and flexibility in approach within the organization, both the HR department and employees would be able to easily learn, adopt and integrate newer methods and ways within their existing ones.

If not, an organization should always plan for moving towards creating and nourishing a dynamic and flexible workforce, as this would be an investment for years in the future.

More accurate and relevant training and development processes

An interesting use of technology is the application of AR/VR to create experiential based learning. This will really add value in verticals like manufacturing, retail, etc. where in one needs to regularly interact with people, machines, systems, etc.

Giving real-time constructive feedback to associates is equally important to help them continuously grow. The “DevOps – Continuous Integration and Continuous Deliverycan easily take this to Continuous Learning from the perspectives of associates.


Increased importance to improve overall morale and motivation

Levels of morale within an organization directly affect several factors of being able to produce the best output. Therefore, something as important as the adoption of newer technology to enhance processes would naturally require a good amount of morale.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways in which organizations can increase overall levels of morale and motivation; many of which can be further improved with the use of technology.

Micro-learning programs and tools is a good option to keep people connected, evolving, as well as motivated during WFH times.

Streamlined rewards and recognition processes

It is natural for everyone connected with the organization to want to receive periodic rewards or recognition for their efforts and work that they put in. With the aid of technology, this process would not only be easier to carry out, but also accurate to the degree.

When there are mutual applications, platforms, and software that both employees and HR departments can use to track performances, there automatically an atmosphere of increased productivity is created.

Instant R&R is an important technologically powered process to keep the workforce motivated so there can be a real-time reward mechanism in place.

Renewed levels of faith and trust within the organization

Within the roots of all of the progress that any kind of organization is ever able to make, lies faith and trust. Faith and trust, that the work and efforts that are continually offered by every person is not only impactful but also fulfilling.

Therefore, it is essential for organizations to always fuel an atmosphere of transparency and decentralization so that people, teams, and departments can instill their faith and trust so they can always give their best.

How can iauro help you?

Along with creating tailor-made technological solutions based on critical thinking and design thinking, iauro also helps organizations in integrating these changes within their structures and teams.

Iauro can create a wide range of educational, training and development programs and platforms that HR departments and employees could use.

Additionally, iauro also creates several other complementary and supplementary software and solutions that an organization of any scale can easily employ.

To conclude

So, to reap maximum benefits from the integration of technology with HR, any organization must always strive towards harboring a cordial and enthusiastic atmosphere. Such a setting would invariably allow for always improving within every avenue and department.

Today, there are several companies that not only study and understand the culture of an organization but also assist in moving towards harmonizing new technology with all of the people connected with it.

At iauro, we continually strive towards thoroughly learning about company cultures and then assisting in the integration of newer technological solutions.


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