How will technology drive travel in 2016?

April 6, 2016

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How will technology drive travel in 2016?

The way you and I travel today will not be same tomorrow.

Technology has without fail astounded us in all aspects, this year too, it brings another hoard of opportunities and trends that help simplify lives even further. To start with, it brings with it an opportunity to take a fresh look at the end users experience with the emerging technologies that will help improve and ease travel.

Let’s use the road

Smarter Cars for better road trips, let alone real-time tracking. Mapping technology isn’t only changing the way we live our lives on a daily basis — it’s changing the way we travel.

A lot many Apps and gadgets popping up that rely on mapping technology. For e.g. Utrips uses this technology to create personalized itineraries for travellers based on their destination, trip dates and interest, with interactive maps included.

Staying Safe! It’s the first thing on your mind. The SafeToGo App highlights almost every wee bit of information you need also displaying reports from other travellers to help you avoid tourist traps and scams.

Stay tuned, smart cars are almost here!!

Travel in the air

2016 looks set to be a landmark year for Robotics and artificial intelligence in the travel sector. Although customer-facing robots in airport terminals are not a new trend, late in 2015 KLM launched what it hopes will be a game-changer in this space by starting operational trials of the Spencer robot at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

It is hoped that Spenser will be able to do everything to guide the customer towards a remarkable journey and of course also recognise emotions. How cool is that?

While Big Data has been a buzzword for airlines and airports for a number of years already, their role is increasing in importance in the air transport sector. The motive is to drive greater customer satisfaction.

Emirates and Etihad have already undertaken projects that include focus on Bid Data, using which the airlines will improve efficiency, bring down costs, increase revenue and of course please the customer/king.

With the help of Smarter baggage solutions, Biometric-enabled self-service and a lot more coming in, altogether is one all-encompassing trend: passenger empowerment.

The future is now and Cruisers want to be Explorers Not Tourists

Robot bartenders will be the new friends of all the passengers on board. We predict soon, passengers will be able to use their smartphones to order room service and to open their stateroom doors with the flick of their wrists. For instance the MCS cruise already has bracelets that allow passengers to purchase goods on board, unlock rooms, and check-in for activities or entertainment on the ship.

Let’s not also forget special deal at the ship’s spa or dining facilities.

Now how about a location less classroom to save your travel time or a Biometric and electronically enhanced passport..?

It’s all coming, let’s say a few years down the road…


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