Design Thinking and Innovation Aiding Enterprise Digital Transformation

February 26, 2019

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Design Thinking and Innovation Aiding Enterprise Digital Transformation

by Anupam Kulkarni, Co-Founder, iauro

Design Thinking Aiding Enterprise Digital Transformation

‘May you live in interesting times’ — while the origins of this phrase are still debatable, it’s irrefutable that these do feel like interesting times. The IT sector, to be precise, is going through the exciting phase of Enterprise Digital Transformation. A set of three words that has taken the IT world by storm. Organizations are working day and night to provide Digital Transformation Innovation for the finance, education, retail, healthcare and many more industries. Although, the bigger picture says, stuffing the floors with large systems and servers to reduce operational hurdles has one big stone to turn — The Human Resource. And when it comes to empathising with the humane-centric issues, who else can provide an answer than Design thinking Approach.

Enterprise Digital Transformation — Implementation and Needs

Let’s face it, digital transformation is tectonic when it comes to change in culture; as it should justifiably be. There’s no point in involving electronic machines and gadgets into the workspace if the advantage isn’t substantial. The Digital Transformation Innovation follows three Cs to implement:

  • Collaboration
  • Co-operation and
  • Constant Innovation

The last point is pretty much outsourced by the legacy enterprises to the software solution firms. The first two need more attention from the ‘transforming’ side. Here’s a few things that the efficiency of Enterprise Digital Transformation relies on.

  • Concrete actions with educated planning.
  • Allowing disruption but ensuring scalability
  • Avoid legacy messes.
  • Align action points with business objectives.

The above points help with better technical decisions. However, for better leadership decisions, one needs to empathize with the workforce. Getting the human resource out of their comfort zone can be unpleasant if not done right. Nevertheless, the culture still remains the necessary devil and should be put prior to execution. Let us try to understand how design thinking approach can be a powerful tool to achieve this feat.

Design Thinking and Innovation: A Careful Solution

If enterprise digital transformation is seen as a complex jigsaw, design thinking approach would be the perfect centre-piece. Both Design Thinking Approach and Digital Transformation Innovation work with the same intent — Creative solutions to serve functionality excellence with human friendliness. Design Thinking promotes a culture that outdoes aesthetics and lets the resource to reach the solution with a path they feel to be right. That is why this strategy is more humane and rigid. While Ideating a solution to specifically bridge the gap between Digital Transformation and Human labour, following points can be the starting points for the Design Thinking Approach.

  • Maintaining a Psychologically safe space at work
  • Encouraging experimentation while also ensuring discipline and fault tolerance.
  • Providing candid yet regulated environment

The Design Thinking Approach essentially brings the open ends of the problem to a point where technology can connect with them. Digital Transformation Innovation is a technology inhabitant that seeks human acceptance. Design Thinking can be the perfect whisperer to make this relationship possible.


All the administration and finance related risks that the enterprise digital transformation entails are worth taking because of the customer experience they pay off. Adding Design Thinking approach in the mix adds a layer of in depth research and ideation to the end results. The digital first culture is the way forward. It enhances the agility of solution development and humanizes them with Design Thinking and Innovation. Smart decision making backed by mindful analysis serves for excellent solutions that every legacy enterprise aims at. Finance, education, retail, healthcare and many more industries are lined up to transform their services. While the origins of the phrase, ‘May you live in interesting times’ is still debatable, it’s irrefutable that design thinking fueled digital transformation is the interest of these times.


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