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October 26, 2015

iauro Team

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New technology always keeps us wondering how such things work? For example, by wearing a band on the wrist how does it track my sleep? Wearables are changing the way we collect data and how we analyze it. So much so, that it wont be wrong to say, we haven’t explored wearable technology to half of its potential.

So what are Wearables — or wearable technology? Clearly a device that is different from a digital watch/headphones, which collects the data, which is worn on the body. Wrists being popular place for smart watches, fitness trackers; there are few, which are combining tech with jewellery — calling it as smart jewellery. Another example would be Google glass — which was not successful commercially, though it hints at where this wearable tech will be going.

Lets look at some devices / gadgets which are making news. Some of these, you have been using for a while, we would love to hear your experiences, stories too (in short — please post comments with your success stories of weight loss :P)

Fitbit, Jawbone, MI band, GOQI etc are the fitness trackers which are popular. Helping people to measure their activity through out the day, number of steps taken, calories burned, hours of sleep, floors climbed etc. GOQI came up with a model, which along with data collection, assigns a fitness coach to the user, helping in achieving fitness goals. Are you using any of the mentioned above?

With fitness trackers being talk of the town, smart watch domain is buzzing with apple watch, moto 360 , pebble being oldest among the lot. Some predict (Gary V spoke about it in his #AskGaryVeeShow) about how almost everyone, will be wearing a smart watch in half a decade from now. This also makes us think, as a company, how we should be spending time in creating very effective app solutions for the technology which will be as synonymous as carrying a cellphone.

In the recent Big Billion Day / Festive offers, have you purchased any wearable? We are excited to know about your experience! DO write back in the comment section

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