Helped virtualize the footwear
shopping experience

About the customer

The client is a market leader in the art and science of shoe fitting. They provide a variety of technological solutions for footwear manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. They specialize in fit recommendations, offering the best sizes that fit the customer. Their pathbreaking platform offers different services for e-commerce retail services, for outlets and for brands and wholesalers. They take great pride in offering personalized solutions to their customers’ needs.

Business Need

Reducing product returns and increasing the chances of a perfect fit by 57%

Developing a personalized digital footprint solution

Increasing Sales Conversions and improved sales performance by 47%

Improving customer experience by catering to their unique needs.

The client understood the need for catering to its customer’s needs that drives the need for a personalized digital footprint solution. Especially in the retail industry, which is fiercely competitive, an exceptional customer experience is non-negotiable. By offering a tailored and user-friendly fitting process, the organization aims to enhance their shopping journey. Moreover, product returns face a significant challenge for e-commerce retailers.
The client needed a personalized digital footprint solution seeks to address this issue by providing customers with accurate fit recommendations, significantly reducing the incidence of returns due to sizing issues. The client thus wanted to streamline its operations but also maximize profit margins. The data-driven approach behind the solution enables the client to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, allowing for informed decisions on inventory management, product design, and targeted marketing strategies. The solution leads to improved customer retention and attraction, creating a distinctive competitive advantage in the crowded marketplace.
Challenges Faced
Inaccurate recommendations and customer dissatisfaction lead to 26% increased product returns
Collecting and storing customers' personal data requires strict adherence to data privacy
User education and training are essential to ensure widespread adoption and a positive customer experience
Assessing the return on investment and plan for long-term sustainability
Limited accessibility leading to reduced customer conversion by 37%


A unique solutioning approach to start with.

We devised a personalized digital footprint solution in the shoe fitting platform that already existed for the client. The solution was designed to revolutionize the way customers find and try on shoes.

Leveraging 3D visualization and AI algorithms to capture accurate digital foot size measurements

Delivering personalized shoe fitting recommendations considering various size and styles

User-friendly web and mobile application to access the platform anywhere

AR enabled virtual try on enhancing the interactive shopping experience

We enabled the client’s platform with a solution that integrated 3D visualization technology with artificial intelligence. Users can access the application through their smartphones or web browsers, making it easily accessible for the wider audience. The algorithm analyses images captured by the user simply by capturing a picture. The platform then creates a digital footprint of the user. Leveraging 3D visualization, the platform can accurately assess the dimensions of user’s feet, including length, width and arch support.
Using the digital foot size measurements and the digital footprints generated, the platform delivers highly accurate shoe recommendations. The platform takes into considerations various factors such as brand-specific size variations and shoe styles suitable for different foot shapes. Providing tailored recommendations, reducing the likelihood of product returns due to sizing issues
The solution ensures that each user receives personalized foot size measurements based on the digital footprint that is generated. Personalizing the footwear trial enhances customer satisfaction by addressing individual fit preferences and requirements. This eliminates customer’s dependency on generic sizing charts that are available on e-commerce platforms,
To further enhance the virtual shopping experience, the solution that we devised integrates Augmented Reality (AR) to make it easy for customers to try on different shoe styles virtually without making in-person visits. This not only aids in making informed purchase decisions but makes the shopping process more interactive and fun
The solution that we developed reduces the likelihood of product returns and accelerates the footwear trail process. The convenience of a web and mobile application, combined with tailored recommendations, provides the client a competitive edge in the market, making available an efficient shopping experience.

End Impact

Using our end-to-end product mindset and accountability, we helped create a scalable user platform with better user experience to handle the exponentially increasing user and content base. This ensures a seamless learning experience for the end user, leading to increased user retention

The impact of the solution we helped create is as follows :

Helped reduce cost on product returns by 45%

1M+ personalized fit recommendations delivered

3X increase conversion rate

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