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January 4, 2016

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While e-commerce stands at the edge of ultimate saturation, it becomes difficult to figure out which platform best meets your needs. While some of the key factors influencing online customer behaviour can never be assumed. The growth of your business may lay unchanged or even reach skies with the ongoing market trends today.

Healthy competition and an outrageous battle amongst the ecommerce platforms in India has given a ray of fizz. In the Amazon vs. Flipkart war, consumers are the winners.

Both these organizations have invested ponderously bringing in the best deals across categories like apparels, electronics and household to ensure customer satisfaction and experience doesn’t suffer.

A significant portion of annual sales occur during the third quarter walks along with the festive season in India. Flipkart claims to have sold 10 lakh products within 10 hours of the first day of the sale and by the 3rdday it had sold half a million mobile phones.

On the other hand, Amazon brought inn next-morning delivery for late night orders as well as the chance to win a kg of Gold every day for 5 days.

Last year with the heavy funding and strength Amazon could garner, it proved to be a tough competitor to Flipkart.

Wait there is a catch!

Conversely, Flipkart aimed to consolidate its position with its recent mergers and acquisitions, becoming self-sustained, developing their own payment gateway and logistics services. This fell heftily in favour of Flipkart.

However, the battle for supremacy between Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal is rapidly heating up with their huge investments, Twitter stands to be the ground for exchanging pointed comments on each other’s exclusive selling rights.

The tweet suggested Flipkart staff preferred to order from Amazon. To which the Indian company hit back saying “We recycled said packaging as our reception’s dustbin.”

When was enough ever enough? To this Amazon bucked in tweeting “There is a bit of Amazon in every eCommerce company #justsaying,” — driving relevance to the fact that Flipkart’s founders used to work for the American company.
 Amazon said they see India as a budding market and wants to expand and get serious in the country. On the other end, aiming to be like China’s Alibaba, Flipkart wants to retain number one position in India and not allow global giants like Amazon to overtake them.

While funding provided to Flipkart and Amazon through various sources proves a direst rivalry between the two, the spark of rage continues to satisfy the end users.

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Originally published at iauro.com on January 4, 2016.


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