Digital Supersolution to Transform an ITES Business: A Case Study

June 3, 2020

iauro Team

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New Age Problem

‘Aggressive’ doesn’t even begin to define the competitive market of the 21st Century. The customers demand best services, in the shortest possible time with maximum value for their money. If your competitor can offer even one of these better than you, you already have lost the game. That is the prime reason more and more organizations are turning towards digital transformation solutions. Not only can they help the organizations win over the challenges of the market but also the associates will be able to experience growth in their domain expertise.

In a competitive environment such as this, our client was able to build itself a respected position amongst the top 5 ITES MNCs in Asia-Pacific. However, they too could sense a shift in the market. Their service experience helped them recognize the need to upsurge their business for:  

  • Faster time to market for their customers
  • Improving ROI for new and even existing projects
  • More growth opportunities and upskilling mechanisms for associates

The company had all the resources and expertise to make this business transformation happen. However, the utilization of these resources couldn’t be directed unbiased if handled internally. Hence, an objective external experience was necessary to deal with this problem. That is where iauro came into the picture.

New Age Solution

Why was there a need for a solution? This was a fair point, to begin with. The Design Thinking approach helped iauro and the client to throw light on the specific pain points:

  • One point access was needed with the current solutions
  • Projects needed to be profiled for reusable modules and work stacks
  • The system was needed in place to curate, publish, and make these reusable assets discoverable.
  • Associates upskilling path and exposure to future opportunities could be more facilitative
  • Tighter requirement gathering with the customers could help deliver the expected quality and avoid budget overruns
  • Redundant processes needed to be automated to save time and expenses.

Henceforth, for the next two and a half years iauro and the client joined hands to build what can only be described as a ‘supersolution’. A singular application of its kind, this platform brought together engines for Agile, DevOps, Scalability & Flexibility, Administration, and Upskilling. There wasn’t a competitor in the market that had anything remotely similar to this platform. Here are some characteristics features of this Supersolution:

  • Faster Delivery: Right from their initiation, the platform can suggest the reusable assets best suited for the project. It can also identify the associates with the required expertise to ensure their quality and delivery speed. Thanks to this feature, the platform not only saves the time to market which can in turn help the organization to boost the revenues. This is also an influential factor for customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Delivery: The delivery pipeline is automated and product-centric. The delivery teams are no longer siloed. The administration can analyze the delivery process for future reforms and/or appreciations. The teams can work together in harmony to ensure continuous quality delivery. And Customers get transparent access into the end-to-end journey making them equal stakeholders.
  • Improved Governance: The platform is supposed to handle crucial project, client, and associate related data. It ensures the optimization of assets, resources, and associate efforts. It also encourages continuous transparency into Project journeys and suggests curative actions as and when needed.
  • Associate Upskilling: Not only the associates’ skills are monitored, a system is also in place to improve them. This system rates the associates in terms of their work flexibility and technical expertise. The upskilling process is also incentivized to motivate growth for the associates. Though, with ample growth opportunities, the associates are always motivated to learn more from the platform.
  • Futuristic Technologies and Approaches: The platform is fueled by a DevOps Automation Engine. Microservices Architecture holds it together. Big Data and AI/ML drive it. Best of all, Design Thinking ensures that it stays customer-centric at all times

New Age Impact

The impacts of this supersolution are vast and long term. With their commitment to serve and the boost given the platform the company is now able to achieve:

  • 30% faster time to market
  • Operation expenditure 15% reduced
  • 50% reduced capital expenditure
  • Development cost slashed by 25%
  • A huge number of global partners, international customers, and live projects


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