DevOps Testing 2020: Continuous Testing to Bring DevOps Teams Together

April 28, 2020

Yogesh Dhande

Chief Delivery Officer at iauro systems Pvt Ltd LinkedIn

Automation has become a necessity, organizations cannot do without. Employing DevOps Consulting Services is arguably the best instrument for this purpose. However, it might not be much fruitful without a testing strategy that is aligned with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment. Additionally, the times that we are facing, call for the organizations to be a united workplace. Though, delivery teams have traditionally been siloed by nature; more to do with the way they operate rather than the work they do. 

DevOps Continuous Testing not only brings these teams to work together, it also goes on to prove that collaboration is essential for efficient delivery. In this time and age, DevOps testing itself is capable enough of eliminating the disconnect between Management, Development and Testing Teams. With its contemporary strategies, it can help organizations bring their teams together even during the times of distancing.

Strengthening the Management

To begin with, DevOps Testing accelerates the software delivery, which is a big relief for management teams. The time it takes for developers and testers can be baffling for the management because of the disconnect between these teams. These continuity enabled testing strategies, while offering accurate business risk coverage insights, also let the management understand the intricacies of development and testing processes. Moreover, the continuous improvement in the solutions also becomes visible to the higher authorities. This means that the managing team can communicate the business expectations to the other teams better. Therefore, from a management perspective, the deliveries are not only continuous but also subjectively superior.

Easing the Development

With the help of automated testing strategies offered by DevOps, development teams are able to encourage more transparency towards the management. However, there are more fruits to reap for the Developers. Like the substantial code quality that they can achieve because of Continuous Testing. Furthermore, there has always been a prejudiced dispute between the developers and the testers. Empowered for testing by DevOps, the developers teams also get to know more about the testing process and thus the constraints the testing teams work with. This enables the two teams to work as a cohesive unit rather than disagreeing parties.

Upgrading the Testing

In addition to the transparency, they achieve towards other teams, testing teams also have their processes completely reformed by the new DevOps Testing strategies. Testers benefit from consistency amongst relevant tests by uniform configurations they achieve. They also get to work in extensive testing environments. The test cases are automated which makes the testing faster and more reliable. In addition to all this, since the testing is shared amongst other teams as well, the testing overhead is reduced for the testing team. This is also beneficial in the sense that the solutions are tested throughout and hence are superior in quality.


It’s the year 2020. Mere implementation of DevOps strategies in the enterprises is not enough. These strategies need to keep up with the nimble pace of the consumer needs. DevOps Continuous Testing is a constructive facilitator for DevOps Testing. By bringing the different delivery teams together, DevOps testing strategies themselves can push the organizations to the frontlines of the technology race. It is, thus, imperative for the companies to employ DevOps services along with the latest testing strategies. The waters have been tested, it is now time to embark upon the voyage to achieve excellence. 


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