DevOps and the popsicles

December 1, 2020

Mayur Yambal

Principal Consultant - DevOps | Microservices | Docker | Kubernetes | Digital Transformation LinkedIn

Sonu and Monu were school friends. Their school decided to give a lesson on entrepreneurship to all their students. School asked them to set up a stall and sell products for 3 days in the school’s entrepreneurship event. Sonu and Monu decided to set up a stall and sell popsicles as they like it.

They both started preparing for it, what ingredients to have, where to buy those ingredients, how to prepare and what cost to sell for etc. The first day of the event came. They decided to prepare popsicles in a batch of 20. When those 20 came to finish they decided to go on preparing the next batches of 20 based on demand.

The first batch of 20 finished very soon and people coming to the stall liked it very much. So they quickly started preparing the next batch.

iauro Systems
iauro Systems

Feedback for the next batch was not good, the quality and the taste was not like the first batch popsicles. There were very fewer popsicles sold on the first day. And for all the batches of popsicles, there was a mixed feedback. And there were some complaints about hygiene.

So Sonu and Monu were tense and thinking what went wrong, they almost used the same ingredients. Then Sonu’s father came to rescue and he suggested creating a process for the whole steps, from purchasing ingredients to selling and capturing feedback. So both got excited and started working on it.

iauro Systems

They have listed these steps 1. Source of the ingredient 2. Quality of ingredients 3. Recipe measurements and manual 4.Tasting one popsicle from each batch 5. Hygiene checklist for securing people’s health 6. Discard batch 7. Selling 8. Feedback They kind of created a pipeline of steps and at each step, they started measuring the outcomes.

iauro Systems

They followed these steps on the second day. All popsicles from all batches looked and tasted the same. All of a sudden, demand started increasing. They increased batch size and even asked their friends to prepare batches parallelly. As they have a defined process to follow, even the popsicles created by their friends got the same results.

iauro Systems


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