Decoding DevOps with Henry Ford

August 19, 2020

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Are you crumbling between software development and IT operations?
Do you wish to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality?
Well, relax your shoulders, because your work that once took more than 12 hours of tedious effort now will be completed in a couple of hours. We have looked for inspiration in Henry Ford’s work and have decoded it for the contemporary world.

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it?
Model T, sold by Ford Motors between 1908 to 1927, was the earliest effort to produce an affordable car that most people could purchase. Manufacturing one car consumed 10 hours of scalable workers with added time & cost of spare parts.
Unavailability of any spare part or manpower led to the stoppage of the entire production and delivery cycle of this path breaking invention of that time.

How to provide uninterrupted production?

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To encounter this problem and give uninterrupted production, legendary Ford introduced the revolutionary Assembly line used by canneries and industrial bakery plants onto his manufacturing process. Adding of the mechanized belt chugged at six feet per minute, allowed Ford to substantially accelerate the pace of production and also ensured a steady quality check at each stage.

In just six months of the manufacturing period, the time required to build one model reduced from 9hr50mins to 5hrs56mins.

Did you know?

Between 1913 and 1927, Ford Motors produced more than 15 million Model T’s owing to this process.

How is it relevant to DevOps?

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So here’s a thought experiment for better understanding.

Imagine the complete absence of synergy between two important departments – Development and Operations. The developers have come up with a product that caters to relevant problems of the target audience. The product is then passed on to the operations team for distribution and so on.

However, once made available in the market soon, complaints of poor quality diminish the product benefits and the operations team starts ducking for cover without any clarity of thought or direction.

Addressing the core problems

DevOps – a methodology for Development and Operations – is nothing but a set of philosophies, practices and tools that help an organization deliver better products faster by integrating the development and operation functions.

“Henry Ford’s transformation of the assembly line is nothing but DevOps in the contemporary tech world”

Seems possible, right?
Very often, DevOps also focuses on the organizational change to support great collaboration between the many functions and resources involved, automates end-to-end delivery pipelines with collaborative teams, customized offerings and tools for specific business needs.

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DevOps can help strewn, isolated parts of a team or process come together – be it on the assembly line or in an organization simple processes become increasingly programmable and dynamic, using a DevOps approach.

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At iauro, we help you bridge the gap between Development and Operations, ease automation efforts, deliver quality solutions and reduce overhead operations.

Our teams are well versed in the DevOps approach, and work tirelessly to develop, integrate and deliver stable code. We help your business bridge the gap between Development and Operations to help automation efforts, reduce overhead operations and deliver quality solutions.

The need to evolve at the speed of thought is real, and with a sound DevOps implementation, that’s what we help you achieve.


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