Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

September 16, 2020

iauro Team

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This statement by Peter Drucker hits the current challenges enterprises are facing on the nail. While most global enterprises strategies include automation at each level, just a handful are ensuring that new technology behavior and processes are in sync with their own unique culture. As the world starts to acclimatize to the new normal, many organizations have focused on automation across all their functions, with a laser-focus on people. HR Tech has seen tremendous growth as organizations acquire powerful, smart technology tools and platforms. Often many of these organizations still face challenges with adoption, adherence and propagation, and moreover, multiple tools force their teams to curate multiple sets of data to draw actionable insights. This is where understanding culture into your technology vision for building HR tech plays a crucial role.

Global enterprises continually look towards technology to help them increase efficiency and productivity amongst large, omnipresent teams, and in the new normal, the advent of HR Tech will even further accelerate as enterprises also invest in tools to help them recruit, develop, appraise and create productive digital environments for their workforce. With so many HR Tech platforms and tools to choose from, the answers to the HR challenges companies face seem to be available off-the-shelf, but as many enterprises are quickly learnings, this is not as easy as it seems.


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