Connecting the Dots and evolving in the process

February 9, 2021

Anupam Kulkarni

Co-Founder | CEO LinkedIn
12 years! This is a good amount of time. While we are completing 12 years, there have been a lot of challenges, learnings, growth, and evolution over these years. We do vividly remember the first day when we started iauro on 1st Feb 2009. Ours is a product-driven and design-centric DNA, and even after so many years, we are proud to maintain this to date.

While we began our journey, we did put our bet on new-age technologies like iOS and Android at that time. Apple had just released their first iOS SDK and Google had just released news about Android mobile and its SDK. While working on these technologies, we understood the intricacies of those platforms, how they performed, how the applications got marketed, and how the entire app economy grew. This also helped us to hone our skill in the user experience as well as design centricity. Over the next 2-3 years, the application development started moving from stand-alone applications to mobile-cloud ecosystems. We were also fortunate enough to have early exposure to work on customer-facing product ideas varying from education, OTT platforms to complex data analytics and IoT integrated solutions. Further, our evolution happened into open source technologies and distributed-complex scalable solutions and containers-serverless, cloud-native development technologies. In addition to this, we were able to grow our original team of 3 people to a team of 80 consultants having strong full-stack engineering and full-stack design capabilities. Most of the people who joined iauro, became an integral part of our evolution story – the story that started from our core 3 team members and still continues today. They transformed themselves from one technology stack to another technology stack, from one business vertical to another, from one role to multi-skill roles, and thus became strong new-age consultants. We wouldn’t have been able to reach this stage without their efforts and support. 

Over the years, we also build products of our own. Whether it was a hyperlocal search engine called “MySearch”, stock keeping unit tracking solution called “Salestory”, waiting for management in the restaurant called “WaitPlz” to complete restaurant operations optimization called “OrderPlz – Payment processing – FeedbackPlz” to personal Finance tracking called “FinOut”, personalized news recommendation engine called “NewsIt”, our journey continued in various B2C ideas. Further, we also built a product on blue-collared workforce management & hiring & skills development called “Skillstory” which was an early entrant into the market. As we moved further, learning and gaining from our experience and our growth in technology, we understood that tech-companies have a challenge of managing operations at scale. Hence we started building our own accelerators that will help us automate our own solution deliveries, have reusability within the organization, low-code no-code architecture generator. This entire journey taught us the depths of B2C to B2B to enterprise-level solutions and we further evolved into an enterprise-grade product development company with a very strong design centric and design thinking methodology. 

Over the huge experiences of navigating between different technologies and building products for our customers and ourselves, we understood that we are always ahead of the curve, continuously evolving with each iteration, are nimble, and never satisfied. Since we have this failing, learning, and continuous innovative attitude, this helps us to embrace new tools, technologies and frameworks much faster as compared to our counterparts. This resonates with our approach of always evolving. With this similar kind of mindset, we were also lucky enough to find the right kind of mentors and advisors in Speciale Invest and Saraswat Infotech. The rich experience of our mentors along-with an eye for detecting early-stage new-age technological evolution and the right mix of network and funds have really accelerated our growth over the past 3-4 years.

Finally, over the past 12 years, we were also lucky enough to build some great client relations that are more than family to us today. We believed in their vision, understood their customers, built solutions for them, went to market with them, learned from the common mistakes, took efforts to rebuild the solutions to deliver end business value to our clients. They have been strong and steady support for our growth over the years. We thank every one of our past and present clients and connect for helping us to evolve to where we are today. 

As the markets, trends, and customers demands’ are increasing today, we are happy to keep ourselves nimble, agile, and continuously evolving. With this as an approach, we believe that there is much further growth to be achieved and much more milestones to reach. Let’s Evolve Together!

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