Common DevOps Myths and Misconceptions 2021

April 29, 2021

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DevOps may be a set of practices that encourages an agile mindset to enhance the speed and quality of the software delivery process. With this model, the event and operations teams are considered interdependent across the whole software application life cycle, instead of being two distinct groups, who are liable for their specific tasks but don’t really work together.

The DevOps strategy can give huge beneficial outcomes to associations when administered appropriately. It can bring down costs, help effectiveness, and make crafted improvement groups more smoothed out.

However, so as to understand the strength of this process, it’s necessary to acknowledge what DevOps represents. That’s why, during this article, we address a number of the foremost popular DevOps myths.

Myth 1  – Adopting tools makes you DevOps | I am using DevOps only because I am using docker or Jenkins.

Adopting tools makes you DevOps?

But this so wrong idea, Because – we are missing all the other important dimensions that involve DevOps. One of them is infrastructure as code and another one provisioning and another one serverless. Remember DevOps is not only about using tools. DevOps involves a total change of mindset on which you gather development and you gather Operations in order to streamline and bring agility to your whole development lifecycle.

Myth 2  -DevOps is expensive and only big companies can afford it.

Many people think using DevOps tools or DevOps methodologies can burn their entire fortunes but this doesn’t have to be this way.

It is true that there are some tools or services that are really costly and that are really expensive, But on the other hand, we also find other tools that are even for free. Finding a right DevSecOps Consulting company with vast experience of implementing custom DevOps automation would help you keep the costs at check. 

Myth 3 – DevOps in the cloud is not secure, they will steal my precious data.

So, many people think that DevOps tools or DevOps methodologies implemented in the cloud will just expose their application like a nerve and they will just lose data, or their applications will get compromised, but this doesn’t have to be true.

Number one, remember the most of the DevOps services that are currently in the market are already compliant with top-level security standards such as PCI or HIPAA, And number two, you can also implement other security controls such as user access restriction, data encryption or even DevSecOps, which will of course secure your applications and your entire pipelines from undesired access. So stop thinking that having your application implementing DevOps in the cloud will be just risky because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Myth 4 – DevOps is only for huge and complex applications.

Well, Let’s say my application is only a little pony, I can not use it. Well, this is not really true as well, first of all, people think that implementing DevOps is only for big companies for example space science or analytics big companies, but remember that even if you are a startup or little company which are working in little offices you can also get all the advantages from for example having CI/CD pipelines, from having container orchestration from having high scalability and high availability and this can boost your entire business, so stop thinking about that.  

Myth 5 – DevOps is only for big teams.

People believe that DevOps is only for big teams for like one hundred or two hundred developers.

Many think that DevOps methodology or DevOps principle is only for a big team who are continuously deploying changes, hundreds or thousands of changes per week, but this is not true, DevOps is about agility, and it about automating as many processes as possible, so you will agree on this point, you can be as small as ten developers and you can also get all the advantages from the DevOps agility.

Myth 6 – DevOps is an elimination of IT operations

As per the NoOps concept, the IT sector will become so automated that it’ll not require any in-house team to manage the software. However, regardless of how automated the services may become, there’ll always be a requirement for operations. Although there could also be changes in operations, they’re going to still hold significance in DevOps  

Myth 7 – It is substitution for Agile

Unlike most beliefs, DevOps isn’t replacing Agile. you’ll consider it as a continuation of Agile or an Agility enabler. With the assistance of DevOps, you’ll achieve Continuous Deployment (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Delivery for Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Besides, it allows you to calculate the possibly shippable code towards the top of each iteration. So, DevOps and Agile work with one another so as to supply the simplest result and knowledge .

Myth 8 – It Is the equivalent to Continuous Delivery

Although continuous delivery of software is a sign that the business enterprise has implemented the numerous components of DevOps, it’s not a binary relationship. These two services aren’t tied to one another, and that they are definitely not equivalent. 

The main focus of DevOps should be to enhance the work culture and maintain the infrastructure and software. Moreover, it must also help the sales and marketing department.


Wrapping Up

We hope this text helped you bust a number of the foremost popular DevOps myths that swirl around. Don’t let such misunderstandings be a setback to the progress of your team. Implementing DevOps can help your company improve productivity and make better products, so don’t miss out on these benefits thanks to these DevOps myths.


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