Helping India’s leading B2C solar integrator to increase their topline by 45%.

About the customer

A leading B2C solar products company in India. With a mission to make clean energy accessible to everyone, they offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality solar products for households, housing societies, and commercial spaces. Trusted by more than 7000 homeowners and some of the major Fortune 500 companies, they are dedicated to providing reliable and sustainable solutions to their customers and have a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Business Need

Reduce the lead-to-project commissioning time by 60%

Generate multiple revenue streams as the business scales

Develop a customer facing mobile application to deliver better customer experience

Reduce the lead-to-project commissioning time by 60%

Generate multiple revenue streams as the business scales

Develop a customer facing mobile application to deliver better customer experience

The client faced a complex lead management process with multiple sources and stakeholders involved. After a tedious task of converting a customer kicked in complex processes like customer documentation, net meter application, installation, EMI, and loan workflows were handled by different teams. These were the key KPIs to increase upsell.
To increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time, there was a pressing need for a system with a workflow engine to automate task allocation and management based on customer type. This would help the client to cater to a growing customer base and ensure smoother operations. In addition, the client also aimed to increase revenue by implementing AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) modules and transitioning to a recurring revenue model from the existing customer base.
Furthermore, they wanted to create a mobile application that would allow their clients to monitor the progress of their solar panel installations and the efficiency of those panels.

Challenges Faced

Manual task allocation and management

Led to 24% delay in project delivery.

Lack of visibility and coordination

Leading to 27% increase in project turnaround time

Inefficient resource utilization

Inefficient resource

Leading to delays and inefficiencies

Limited scalabilit

Unsustainable for growing customer base per month.

Lack of customer facing application

Negatively impacted customer experience.

Manual maintenance and performance tracking

Affecting revenue generation opportunities form existing customer base.

A unique solutioning approach to start with.

We started by embracing our PPT (People, Process & Technology) framework to build the platform. A thorough roadmap that is ideal for the project's requirements was built to take a holistic approach to solution development.
Rigorous design thinking workshops were conducted to ideate the solution. This approach ensured that the solution would meet the needs of every stakeholder involved.
The GESSA engine provided the technology teams with building blocks to deliver the solution. Allowing teams to spend more time thinking about the business logic and experience, while the solution is quickly put together.

Here’s a rundown of some major modules delivered through GESSA

DSL (Design System Language)

Standardizes design elements and visual components, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the design process

Identity Management

Manages user identities and authentication, ensuring secure access to the workflow engine and its components.

Global Search Engine

Enables quick and easy access to information and resources across different modules.

Notification Engine

Sends automated notifications to stakeholders at different stages of the workflow, improving communication and reducing delays

Workflow Engine

Assigns tasks to the appropriate team members based on the customer type, streamlining the task allocation and management process.

EDP (Elastic Data Platform)

Collects, processes, and stores data from different sources, providing insights and analytics to improve decision-making.

aurOps - DevOps Automation

Platform to automate the software development and deployment cycle, ensuring continuous integration and delivery of new features and updates.

A Unified platform to improve every customer touchpoint and optimize Opex

A comprehensive solution for workflow orchestration and task management. The unified architecture platform is designed to be scalable and highly available, ensuring that it can support the client’s scale and meet the demands of an expanding customer base.
The solution architecture is designed to optimize efficiency, enhance functionality and provide an excellent user experience. At the topmost layer is the application layer, which provides optimum user interface for the solution. The backend/frontend orchestration layer ensures the smooth flow of data and processes between the frontend and backend systems.
The core platform layer includes the identity layer, which manages user authentication and access, and the reporting layer, which provides insights and analytics. The data platform managed data from various sources. The monitoring layer ensures the smooth operation and performance of the solution. This comprehensive architecture ensured the solution was scalable, reliable, and efficient.

Comprehensive Platform Features: A Unified Web and Mobile Solution

After a successful initial beta testing of the platform with limited users it was released as a full-fledged solution offering a robust set of features to support efficient management of complex workflows
Project Tracking: Provides an overview of all ongoing projects, allowing teams to track project status and activities in real-time. Detailed customer information, tailored to project requirements, is also available, enabling effective monitoring and management.
A detailed documentation section that verifies and validates uploaded customer documents through OCR is implemented to fasten the verification process.
Task Manager: The platform included a task manager that offered a comprehensive view of tasks associated with each ongoing project. This feature facilitates better task management, ensuring that all project-related tasks were tracked and completed to improve turnaround time.
To keep track of and manage on-site solar panel installation activities, a sophisticated mobile application for field workers was created.

Enabling predictive maintenance and real-time performance monitoring

The system unlocked the possibility for development of 2 new maintenance models apart from their traditional preventive maintenance cycle which unlocked recurring revenue for the client.

Preventive (Existing)

An on-site quality engineer will check and test the efficiency of the solar panels every three months.

Proactive (Enabled)

A central team monitored about 3000 solar plants using the system, gathering real-time data from the inverters installed on the plants to evaluate performance and suggest resolution.

Predictive (Enabled)

Based on the weather conditions the system can predict solar panel efficiency and help optimize the overall output.
As of now the client is monitoring about 3000 plants through a central monitoring hub which will grow to about 5000-6000 in the near future

Customer facing application to deliver better experience to a growing customer base

Designed to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience, empowering customers to monitor and manage their solar energy systems with ease. Key features include:

Project Status and Ticket Generation

The application provides users with real-time updates on the status of their solar projects, including project timelines and progress. Additionally, customers can easily raise support tickets through the app, facilitating swift and efficient issue resolution.

Energy Report

The application allows customers to track the efficiency of their solar panels through comprehensive energy reports, providing valuable insights into energy consumption, savings, and usage patterns.

Referral Program

The referral program features incentivized customers to refer new users to the Solar Square platform, providing rewards for successful referrals and helping to expand the platform's user base
In addition to the above, the application also offers several other features that are important for solar energy users. These include an intuitive user interface, personalized energy recommendations, remote monitoring and control of solar panel systems, and alerts for system malfunctions or maintenance requirements.
End Impact
The platform had a significant impact on the client's business, revolutionizing their internal processes and driving growth. By simplifying complex workflows and optimizing task allocation, the platform enabled the client to cater to the increasing demands of their customers and achieve further funding to scale their operations.
Utilizing iauro's solution accelerator GESSA, the platform was built with 80% reusable assets, allowing for faster and more cost-effective development. Additionally, the platform helped the client pivot towards a recurring revenue model through AMC initiatives, contributing to the generation of sustained and predictable revenue streams.
Overall, the solution had a transformative impact on the client's business, driving growth and success in the solar energy industry
Solution delivered in half the projected time (4 months instead of the projected 8)
Delivered 3x better customer experience.
Reduced the lead-to-project commissioning time by 60%
Solution delivered in half the projected time (4 months instead of the projected 8)
Delivered 3x better customer experience.
Reduced the lead-to-project commissioning time by 60%

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