Evaluate your platforms to ensure future scalability

Align the architecture and code of your application to industry benchmarks. Identify reusable assets and develop a standardisation roadmap, ensuring adherence to coding best practices for enhanced efficiency

Our Offerings
Architecture Review & Consulting

Optimise your cloud-native architecture with in-depth analysis reports on maintainability, scalability, observability, security, and quality

Enhanced scalability and performance
Improved application
Increased security and
Empathize with stakeholders, define objectives, and ideate solutions.
Prioritize objectives, prototype solutions, and deliver an actionable report.
Best Practices
Unified Architecture
Design and implement a unified architecture that promotes modularity, scalability, and reusability, streamlining development and maintenance processes
12 Factor Application
Follow the 12 Factor principles to build cloud-native applications that are portable, scalable, and easy to manage across different environments
Zero Trust Architecture
Adopt a Zero Trust approach to security, ensuring granular access controls, continuous monitoring, and authentication at every stage of the application and data flow
Our Work
E2E IT Delivery Engine for a Global ITeS Client
iauro developed a robust end-to-end IT delivery engine, enabling client to deliver exceptional software products at scale. We influenced the solution's vision, transforming it from an MVP to a fully-functional and scalable solution, maximising its potential and impact
$40 M
In Cost Savings
Unified architecture platform for a leading air transport association
iauro modernised multiple legacy applications for the client, enabling new use-case development. We automated deployment with DevOps, implemented zero trust architecture for enhanced security, and leveraged public cloud benefits for rapid development
Reduced costs with reusable components