Android N: the next big thing

March 10, 2016

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Technology is EXISTENCE! Technology is EXPERIENCE! Technology is CHANGE! Technology is MOBILE!

Yet another attempt of technology to bring people together! While new technology updates leave us spell bound, Google’s preview of the all new Android N, too has left us surprised. Android is upgrading…it’s even better! There are tons of new features outlined in the ‘work in progress developer preview, including a huge one we’ve been wanting for a while: multi-window support for phones and tablets. Here are a bunch of them for your sake!


Among the most awaited and greatly requested features is the multiple window support. With Android N, users will be able to launch and use multiple apps right next to each other. It’ll also be possible to drag one item from one app into the other. For instance, if you’re browsing photos you may be able to drag it straight to your Facebook app to upload.


Android N will also support the ability to reply to notifications directly from the alert instead of entering into the App. By just tapping on ‘Reply’ from the notification will bring up the keyboard and provide the opportunity to reply-in-line.


The version ’N’ will enable picture-in-picture support, where in the users will be able to minimize the video in order to conduct other activities.

“Your app can provide a way for users to queue up additional content while they watch a video. The video continues playing in PIP mode while the main screen displays a content selection activity.” Google explains to developers.

Finest among them all, is a new way of toggling for quick settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They seem to be appearing as a small row of icons at the top of the notification shade — similar to how Samsung has done it in TouchWiz.

Android N’s battery saving feature is getting expanded. Instead of turning down the power consuming features when the battery life is low, it will soon do it anytime the screen is off. Google is also working on how apps operate in the background that is the big trench on a user’s battery life. Hence, BATTERY LIFE SHOULD BE GETTING BETTER SOON!


Google had a Night Mode feature in Android Marshmallow previews, which was dropped when the main OS landed last year. However, now the feature is back in Android N and for the better.

Users will be able to activate the mode automatically by time or location with automatic lowering of display brightness. Additionally, there’s also a system wide Dark Mode and all these features can be used the way the user wants.

There is a lot more to come from Android N this summer, until then stay tuned!

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