Fueled by Innovation driven by Culture

A story of constant evolution. Our culture derives its essence from our core beliefs. Embracing change as the only constant, we strive to stay ahead of the curve.


Starting New

In 2009, Our founders Nilesh Ratnaparkhi and Anupam Kulkarni had a choice to make: stick to their fast-track careers or embark on a new venture. They chose to challenge the status quo and iauro was born. As a part of our early work, we disrupted education with BenchPrep, challenging traditional learning methods
Technology Focus






Gaining Momentum

In the era of emerging cloud technology, iauro embraced new technologies and frameworks as we embarked on a path of evolution. With the purpose to deliver exceptional experiences, iauro began building accelerators and platforms, giving birth to IO Labs. Collaborating with OV Guide, we aimed to revolutionize the entertainment industry
Technology Focus


Client side Cloud Environment


Embracing Change

A time of connected things. iauro started to move towards cutting age technologies. Parallely, iauro picked up its pre-series investment from Speciale Invest, and soon after, got an opportunity to deliver their new skills to create future of home automation and connected things with SmartHome
Technology Focus


Open source technologies


MEAN Stack


Becoming Disruptors

With a growing team and a new office, we thrived on continuous learning and unlearning. We partnered with Global IT services companies to revolutionise software development
Technology Focus



Design Thinking


Products to Platforms

Driven by the pursuit of innovation, iauro shifted focus to envision and build value- driven platforms, aiding clients in overcoming business challenges. This growth, along with IO Labs'  led to series A funding by Saraswat Infotech. With state of the art approach to development, partnerships and transformation journeys we are now partners to Slect Fortune 500s
Our story of evolution continues...





Going beyond good to great
We strive towards creating a firm of endearment
Our purpose is to evolve and enrich human experiences through technological solutions. And our mission is to make technology simpler every day
Evolving Mindset
Ensure we have fun doing what we do, we have habituated learning, strategised disruption and adopted technology to evolve every moment
We ensure transparency at sight and are incorruptible of commitment.Trust us to have each other’s back always
We deliver on our commitments. Unwavering commitment to our vision of delivering great experiences
We are understanding and inclusive of diverse thoughts and cultures. Using the same moral compass and towards the same goal. We care
A culture of true leadership
Minds behind the evolution
Anupam Kulkarni
Co-Founder |
Chief Executive Officer
Nilesh Ratnaparkhi
Co-Founder |
Chief Operating Officer
Core Team
Krunal Chaudhari
Chief Technology Officer
Mayur Yambal
Chief Platform Officer
Yogesh Dhande
Chief Delivery Officer
Stephen Raphael
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer