Enabling seamless management of queues at
your restaurants!


Managing incoming patrons during peak hours is a huge problem for restaurants, and especially for managers who are responsible for seating and arrangement. Juggling between hordes of customers and listening to them go on and on is not exactly a fun experience. The allotment of tables, thus, often gets messed up, leading to low patience levels and high pitched arguments. All in all, the overall customer experience really suffers, leading to a negative reputation for the restaurant.


Aimed at enhancing the customer experience for diners a restaurant, the iauro team was approached to create a unique queue management solution to track walk-ins, prioritize customers and create positive customer experiences.

How we did this

Simple, yet powerful use of intelligent tech led us to create a solution that achieved the following

Easy workflow management platform to segregate customers who were waiting, and those who had already been allotted tables
Customer wait time and table size recorded in a single snapshot

SMS automation workflow to guide customers through wait times

Customized settings according to restaurant area and details

Maintenance and management of future reservations made simple for consumers and restaurant managers

Options to search for waiting customers by name or mobile numbers

Technology Stack


A complete database of customers visiting the restaurant maintained as per walk-ins and table reservations

Elevated service standards for customers

Real time reporting and analysis on customer walk-ins

Organized wait time for customers, leading to a better overall experience

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