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@iauro we strive to present ideas in simple, logical and sublime way.

Focus Points

Business is the prime objectiveImagining the big picture
Serving the main purpose, the soul of any solution. that’s business !Considering & touching all micro to macro elements. The ecosystem level.
UserVisual delight
User is always the king, just follow
his touch-points.
The look and feel to improve presentation add give a visual treat !
Uncluttering InteractionsAfter all it's a brand experience
Minimal Interactions. Maximum information.One of the many touch-points which gives an interactive brand experience.

My Search

A new age mobile directory. Search for utility services, business networks, emergency numbers and many more. Get authentic and verified results near you!!


An intuitive mobile-cloud solution for Test Management. Generate customized questionnaires, publish them to user, monetize content and track user performance!!


A social application that delivers surprises based on contextual awareness. Create a surprise, invite friends, give hints and reveal it. An intuitive and engrossing experience to keep user interaction alive!!

Imagination is wide, but process sets the focus

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