about iauro
We believe in innovation and continuous improvement. We keep on tweaking technological solutions to solve real-life problems. With our unceasing curiosity and passion, we complement our clients to achieve their vision!!

We visualize ourself to be at the epicenter of Technology, Creativity and human experience. All we want to do is simplify technology to make human life better!!

People & Culture
You will find some of our techno-freak Geeks sitting somewhere in the office with their Apples and Droids and Beacons, tweaking technology, brainstorming over ideas, implementing solutions and creating future. And some will be in inner peace while listening to music!!

Things we respect;
Technology, Passion, Apple, Coffee, Food and Music.


  • iauro team

    Nilesh Ratnaparkhi

  • iauro team

    Anupam Kulkarni

  • iauro team

    Mayur Yambal

  • iauro team

    Krunal Chaudhari

  • iauro team

    Yogesh Dhande

  • Ajit Ratnaparkhi

  • iauro team

    Chaitanya Mahamuni

  • iauro team

    Neel Shah

  • iauro team

    Shubhangi Shinde

  • iauro team

    Pratiksha Chaudhari

  • iauro team

    Pallavi Deore

  • iauro team

    Kirti Toshniwal

  • iauro team

    Ashwini Koli

  • iauro team

    Pooja Sadnani

  • iauro team

    Suyash Kharade

  • iauro team

    Shardul Shinde

  • Pratik Karanje

  • Anil Verma

  • Sunny Mane

  • Nikita Ghanawat

  • Sahil Doshi

  • Sneha Khandagale

  • Sudhir Raut

  • Suvarna Pawar

  • Vishnu Kurup

  • Chaitanya Chapekar

  • Vedant Kakade

  • Ashwini Wadekar

  • Sumit Motghare

  • Balkrushna Jadhav

  • Akshay Gadhave

  • Abhinav Bakshi

  • Shital Gadikar

  • shrutika Gugale

  • Kaveri Patare

  • Komal Gadadare

  • Shweta Burte

  • Bhargav Chandekar

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  • You believe life is more than work
  • You appreciate people
  • You want to do something awesome
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